Best Friends

Do you ever wonder how one person out of millions in the world manages to become your best friend? Quite strange, right? Is it the chemistry in the relationship or the love that keep growing with time between the two of you? We believe apart from deep love, it’s the combined craziness, similar likings, and the same bend of mind that binds two people in the strong bond of friendship. The shared laughs, tears, food and a whole lot of memories make best friends inseparable just like conjoined twins.

Blessed to have a cool and understanding best friend in life, you must be highly grateful to God. So here are a few reasons that prove why best friends are irreplaceable in life.

Always There for You

Best friends always stand beside us in happy as well as sad times. Whether you want to share a happy news or longing for a shoulder to cry, your best friend is the first person you can think of who magically appears in front of you, right when needed.

Teaches Important Lessons in Life

We all agree that schools and colleges teach us a lot of important things. But the great lessons of life sometimes come from our best friends. They offer the best advice in difficult situations and inspire us to explore our potential that sometimes we cannot see ourselves. Their views and opinions change our perspective towards several things and enlighten us in a great way.

They Are Your Best Company

Be it a social event, birthday party, friend’s gathering or shopping spree, there cannot be any better company than that of our best friend. And even if you end up staying alone at home or stranded at a party, your best friend is just a call away to accompany you.

You Both Share Hilarious Inside Jokes

Your best friend knows how to make you smile and always ready to laugh even at your poor jokes. He/she is the only people who understand your sense of humor and with whom you share millions of inside jokes during every complicated or embarrassing situation.

Your Personal Photographer
Of course, we all are bitten by the social media bug. And we only want our best pictures to be uploaded to our social media accounts for which we need an official photographer. But why hire a professional photographer when your best friend knows all the tips and tricks to click your great pictures and make you a social media sensation.

Someone You Can Be Real With
Your best friend is the one whom you can show your true self without the fear of getting judged. You don’t have to hide your flaws or weaknesses from them because they never judge and always help you towards becoming a better person.

Gives the Best Hug
We all love the big warm hugs, don’t we? And the best hugs that come from our best friends have a great healing power that turns even the darkest of days into bright ones. Being in their arms make you feel safe from all the evil in the world and they are always free of cost.

Lends You Clothes
Be it the last-minute party plans or ‘I don’t have anything good to wear’ crisis, your best friend always let you borrow their clothes. They know that the clothes you borrowed from them will never again see the face of their wardrobe. But out of sheer love, they lend you their clothes happily and willingly.

You Run a Mutual Hatred Society
Your enemy is also your best friend’s enemy. And that’s how things work between best friends. If anyone ever dares raise their finger on you, your best friend never let go without teaching them a lesson or two.

You Make Crazy Plans Together
They always say yes to your crazy plans and doesn’t think twice risking their life for you. Be it a last-minute night out plan or any adventure sport, they are ever ready to try them with you. They somehow know how to brighten up your day and make you smile with their funny and annoying habits.

They say best friends are like diamonds and you should always treasure yours with great love and care!!

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