One thing that really needs pre-planning for Diwali is the décor. None likes a dull surrounding for the day and tries to include as much light and fun in the interiors. Diya’s, tea lights and colorful fairy lights do not seem enough when every corner wants to bathe in a perfect glow. So, what new could be done when you have to introduce something different in the interiors? With Diya’s and fairy lights, we have much more to keep the look of Diwali different for you this year.

1. Personalized Embroidery loops with tassels: These loops can be decorated with fairy lights and carries the personalized touch for the celebration. Wish your loved ones with this special wall hanging that is designed colorfully with tassels in different colors. These loops come with fancy fairy lights that have been styled by our designers.

2. Flower arrangements: It does not have to be fresh flowers to cover the space with ideal hues. With our exclusive range of artificial flowers in designer vases you can set up a beautiful scene on your dining table if you have guests coming over for special Diwali dinner. Gorgeous pastel pots and creative vases are here to get lined up in transforming the interiors to give out the best possible look.

3. Rich blue pottery essentials: Keep it festive with the motifs that display rich traditional art from India. Keep it themed around blue pottery with a whole range for dining and toiletry section. Colorful prints and handcrafted excellence is here to be a part of your celebration.

4. Diffuser range: Aroma plays a significant role in changing the feel of the space. We have some these fragrances to give a quick escape into luxury celebration. Cover the ambience in beautiful vibes and pass on the scented wishes to your friends and family as Diwali gifts. These diffusers with different aroma are perfect for a Diwali celebration.

5. Tea light holders: Not the simple ones but, the ones that get all the class. Beautifully done with mercury and perforated glass, these tea light holders are a sure charmer. Get these beautiful tea light for an ultimate show.

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