Child Labor

Many a times on your road trips you must have seen minor boys and girls serving food or washing dishes in the hotels and roadside dhabas. Or you must have witnessed a minor housekeeper in the neighborhood. That is a form of labor called child labor, which is illegal in India, but still being practiced in various parts of the county. Yes, it does break our hearts to see those kids struggling hard to earn a living at such tender age when they should be attending schools and learning new things in life. But the actual picture of child labor is quite scary and heart-wrenching. Kids working with fireworks, bangle-making, and garment industry, etc. are not just deprived of the basic necessities but are also kept at the risk of several health hazards.

According to UNESCO, India has the highest number of child laborers in the world where they are exploited and violated on a great basis. We as an individual should come ahead and take measures to minimize child labor in India and save the life of millions.

Here are a few ways that can be adopted to minimize child labor and let children free to live like children.

Don’t Employ Children as Domestic Help

A huge chunk of child labor is employed as domestic help in various parts of the country. Abstain from employing a child as a domestic help. No matter how fairly you treat them or how well-paid they are, you are still taking away from them their basic right to education by making them clean your houses in the daytime.

Support the Organizations Fighting Against Child Labor

There are a number of non-profit organizations in India, such as CRY, Save the Children, World Vision, Bachpan Bachao Andolan, etc. that offer help to the kids who are victims of child labor. They ensure all these children receive timely help, necessary education, and don’t face financial crisis. You can support these organizations by providing financial aids that can help end poverty and lack of education, which are the major contributing factors towards child labor. You can also sponsor a child’s education with the help of which he/she can complete the basic minimum education.

Educate People to Not Employ Children in Homes, Shops, and Factories

When several factories and industries openly employ children as employees, it encourages other businesses for the same. Always discourage people to employ children for carrying out tasks at shops or hotels and daily chores at home. And if you witness any such instance in your locality or anywhere else, you can always report to the media or the NGO’s working for child rights. It is one of the most influential methods to curb the evil of child labor.

Counsel the Parents of Child Laborers

People who fall below the poverty line generally have to employ their children to ensure the food and living requirement for the entire family. They let their kids work as a domestic help, in hotels, and factories instead of sending them to school. It is crucial to counsel the parents of the kids who are engaged in labor. Make them understand that they should send their kids to the school where they can get the required education to acquire employment, which will help break the vicious circle of poverty in a larger aspect.

Encourage Children to Take Up Education

As per the famous quote of Dr. Haim Ginott, “Children are like wet cement. Whatever falls on them makes an impression.” You can never imagine a poor child to dream of flying high whose childhood is being spent under the burden of providing food for his entire family. You need to encourage them to take up education rather than work and dream of a better world. Inspire them to study hard that can help build a better and respected life for them so that further they don’t have to push their kids into the evil world of child labor.

To see the change, you just cannot sit and wait for it to happen. Things only work, when you do. Take an oath to devote enough time and efforts to eradicate the social issue of child labor from the root.

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