The list just getting bigger and bigger each year. What doesn’t get bigger are the ideas to gift for Diwali. Same old mithai dabbas for the relatives and friends not because you do not want to spend much but, because you cannot possibly come up with different each year. Forget about the Diwali gifts, you cannot even select a birthday gifts for children without asking them. So, how would it change and how long would you go on giving the sweet dabbas when you constantly hear that no one eats mithai at their home. This year Diwali has dressed itself in ethnically rich presentation where you will be lined up with options that are different with the look.

  1. Think of something that matches the festivity, looks ravishingly beautiful while serving as a utility purpose. A brass bowl candle, full of scented appeal and a shine is something to fit the best with Diwali. The candle will keep the interiors glowing for hours with the wax covering the bowl. It can be a corporate gifting option too as you can be creative enough to place them on the desk of the employees or colleagues.
  2. The rich Chinese tradition depicted in Yin Yang t light holder could also be an option while gifting with the beautiful message of dominance that it carries. This candle with tai chi symbol says about the opposing forces that are complementary.
  3. Festive wishes should be for keepsake and nothing could be as memorable as hand painted gifts. That doesn’t mean we are asking you to sit down and start painting for each one on the list, blue pottery from Jaipur speaks of skilled arty displays that can be gifted for Diwali. The blue pottery online collection presents the rich hand painting on puja essentials like incense stick holder, aroma diffuser, diyas and plate. Brightly arranged gift sets can be really unique for this year’s gifting.
  4. Giving idols as Diwali wishes is nothing new to talk about. But, that idol looking nothing like the ones that you have been giving, really makes it an exclusive one. The Bal Ganesh figurine is beautifully made in composite marble with eco-friendly approach. T light holders in yellow and orange have been provided with complementing creativity of broken glass effect.
  5. Talk about celebrating Diwali in with palaces and like the kings, this red metal lantern would make it happen. Designed with metal jaali with red glasses, this gorgeous lantern is here to fill the space in festive hues.
  6. A wish that speaks in all the corners and rooms, scented candle in jar with different perfumes can all make for a different gift range that you have been looking for. Floral and fruity scents are here to welcome the guests and set a soothing note whenever they get home.

Diwali goes by typically each year with the diyas that keep in the same corner while wishing ‘happy diwali’ thousand times, the Diwali gifts that can be different keeps the festival new each year and this time BookMyFlowers has kept it in sync with the rich culture.


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