Each home looks for a special Diwali box inspired by the hearty Diwali themed ads flooding in and people surprising their loved ones with luxury gifting. Our gift-giving skills too want to explore the world of choices. Luxury combines the effort, uniqueness, and thoughtfulness that goes into gifting. Fancy gift boxes draped in attractive wraps and curled ribbons wait to be cherished by the right owners. That box that you plan to get could be anything that would light up the face and that is a really Diwali celebration. Today Diwali has taken a meaningful turn and with a pack of mithai comes something much more promising. Call it a change due to distance or closeness beyond distance, each one of us wait for those special boxes with something extra special. A curated list has been to help you make that special box that your family is waiting for.

1. Happening Hampers: These hamper galore should be loaded with tasteful delicacies and bespoke treats. Designed with delectable taste they have grown out of the typical taste and offer richness. Diwali gifts are planned much in advance and gone are those days of picking up readymade red yellow mithai dabbas and greeting each other. Tastes have changed and so has the presentation and Gourmets in lavish baskets have hit the racks. This hampers can be personalized to create mind-blowing Diwali gifts.

2. Desserts and cookies: Some change in flavor is always welcome. Keeping it traditional with the boxes and yet treating them with cookies and cupcakes is something different for a Diwali celebration. Get that typical dabba from the local mithaiwala only to fill it up with their favorite red velvet cupcakes or freshly baked cookies. This Diwali speak the language of love in style and rest leave it on these flavorsome dabbas.

3. Brass beauties: Brass platters and pretty diyas will help you go classic with decked up halls. These shining two-tier stands, regal trays, decanters and colorful coasters will give not only an imperial look to the dining tables and counters but, would make a good gift contribution too.

4. Playing cards set: Diwali evenings are made of food, music, drinks and some serious poker sessions. Different ways that one can play the games involves he whole group and injects ample amount of fun in the celebration. Something different that you can gift, this gift adds the whole gathering for a wonderful celebration.

5. Bar accessories: Homes necessarily have a bar area for special occasions and Diwali add on to one of those days when we have guests over. Going by ‘Eat Drink and be merry’, the quirky bar accessories would definitely be a charming add to the Diwali surprise.

6. Munchies and Nuts: Diwali has got some light snacks that are healthy, pre packed and available with fresh almonds, cashews, raisins and snack packs to fill the counters in varied flavors. Jars of Pista, creative boxes of nuts and dry fruits are here to make an exclusive.

7. Feng Shui Artifacts: These Feng Shui blessings on the counter, rooms and tables are just the best way to wish for this Diwali. Get these amazingly done items with best colors to keep it classy and differently planned for Diwali.

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