How often do you struggle to get your dad, brother, boyfriend or husband a gift? I say, you definitely do with a limited number options in the men’s section. You either end up buying a shirt or add one more to his watch collection. As most of you are nodding your heads on ‘yes’, we have arranged for some of the items that might find a place in your gift shopping list for men in the house.

It his birthday, fret not, as you have just got yourself landed on a page that has gifts lined up at your service. All you got to do is sit back and enjoy, also, don’t forget to click the buy button.

Here’s a bang on beginning to the list with this one making an entry in his travel bag. All his business meetings and outing with friends are sorted with this fabric earphone wrap. Oh yes! They will love you saving them from all that trouble of detangling the headphones everything. This little piece is a savior and he will kiss your hand for clicking on it.

For his love of sleeping, this eye mask is the best birthday gift for boyfriend. If, he is finicky about the lights kept on when he is trying to sleep, you know this one is the bet. With cool print and catchy colors, this is the perfect one to gift wrap. You do not want me to tell you the typical of ‘no gifts is small as long as it comes from heart’. Well, this one real comes for your internal peace.

He has got a moustache and does not leave a chance to flaunt it. Well, this hamper salutes his moustache spirit with complementing items. The quirky moustache print is the attraction of this combo.

Just when he wants to ‘chill’ in the middle of all work, a quick dose of whisky will be around. This smart hip flask here has got all the fun. Gifts for men should be according to their personality and lifestyle.

Nothing can beat a hot cup of coffee placed next to him when he gets up. Make sure you enjoy a hot serve of coffee in bed before you are set to go on his birthday morning. We have tossed some coasters in case, of any spill.


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