We all have a strong desire to give various things and elements a personal touch based on our choice, taste and requirements. With an increasing demand for something unique and extraordinary, people are taking an active interest towards personalization. It gives them a sense of belongingness and this personalization can be seen from clothing to fashion accessories, cars to stationary items, gifts and much more. Moreover, giving a personal touch to your gifts creates a special feeling that they are just tailor-made for your loved ones. If you want to win the heart of your dear ones instantly, check out the amazing personalized gifts that are listed below for various occasions.

Personalized mouse pad- If you are looking for an exceptional gift for your brother, father and other dear ones, choose a personalized mouse pad instantly. It can be easily customized with the desired name, text or image to give a personal touch to your wonderful gift. A perfect gift for an individual who loves to spend time on desktop or laptop.

Best for these Occasions, Festivals or Events – Raksha Bandhan, Father’s Day and birthdays.

Mouse Pad

Personalized love contract- Love is a promise of being together with your partner at all times and under all circumstances. Why not treasure this eternal vow in the form of a personalized love contract? It is a wonderful gift choice for your beloved girlfriend or wife. Similarly, you can order a personalized prime time newspaper for your adorable partner as a testimony to your beautiful and long-lasting relationship.

Best for these Occasions, Festivals or Events – Valentine’s Day and marriage anniversaries.

Love Contract

Personalized key chain- When you want to give a special gift to your boyfriend, brother or husband on any important occasion, a personalized keychain would be an appropriate gift choice. You can get it customized with the initial alphabet of your dear ones, surname or photograph to make your gift truly outstanding.

Best for these Occasions, Festivals or Events Raksha Bandhan, Father’s Day, Bhai Dooj and birthdays.

Key Chain

Personalized cushion- Order a personalized cushion for your special ones and express the love, gratitude and affection towards them in a unique way. You can give a customize touch to a soft and comfortable cushion with a personal message, quotation or a lovely photograph of that adorable person. This superb gift will convey your heart felt emotions effectively and will ensure a comfortable sleep to your dear ones.

Best for these Occasions, Festivals or Events – Mother’s Day, Raksha Bandhan, Birthdays and Women’s Day.


Personalized coaster and tray set- Looking for an appropriate house warming gift for your beloved friend who has just moved into a new home? This personalized coaster and tray set is a brilliant gift for a house warming event and your host will love it surely. Along with this tray and coaster set, you can also try your hands on a personalized lamp, wall hanging and other home décor items.

Best for these Occasions, Festivals or Events – House warming parties, Father’s Day and office farewell to a colleague.


Personalized jewellery box- Love is a precious feeling to be cherished and a personalized jewellery box can express that feeling uniquely. Celebrate the special occasion with your beloved wife or girlfriend by giving a customized look to her jewellery box to convey your unsaid emotions.

Best for these Occasions, Festivals or Events – Marriage anniversaries, birthdays, Women’s Day and Valentine’s Day.

jewery Boxes

Personalized gift hamper- Express your unconditional love and affection towards your dear ones with an extraordinary customized gift hamper. It can be anything from a spa hamper to gourmet hamper, personal care hamper to shower hamper and much more. These amazing gift hampers are surely going to win the heart of any individual effortlessly.

Best for these Occasions, Festivals or Events – Women’s Day, birthdays, marriage anniversaries, Raksha Bandhan, Valentine’s Day and Mother’s Day.

Gifts Hamper

Personalized pen set- Give a superb gift to your loving brother, husband, boyfriend or father on important occasions in the form of a personalized pen set. You can customize the pen set with the initials, first or last name of your dear ones to convey your deepest emotions perfectly. An outstanding way to convey love and affection towards your special ones.

Best for these Occasions, Festivals or Events – Birthdays, Father’s Day, marriage anniversaries, Raksha Bandhan and Bhai Dooj.

Pen Set

Personalized handbag- Want to give a utility gift to the special woman in your life? It is time to order a personalized handbag that can express your deepest emotions effectively. This lovely fashion accessory is going to be a perfect gift and an instant attention-seeker for anyone.

Best for these Occasions, Festivals or Events – Mother’s Day, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, marriage anniversaries and Women’s Day.


Personalized shot glasses- Do you have a beloved friend who is obsessed with drinking? Buy personalized shot glasses for him or her and give a unique twist to your gift choice. It will be a memorable gift for your buddy and can easily bring a lovely smile on the face of your dear ones.

Best for these Occasions, Festivals or Events – Birthdays and house warming parties.

shot glass

So, don’t just buy any random gift for your loved ones on any important occasion but make it a special one by giving it a personal touch. You need to remember the fact that the value of a gift is not dependent on a price tag attached but is linked with the personal emotions involved. Make your loved ones feel special by customizing your gifts according to their taste and preference.

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