This time while gifting her think about what she would like to have instead of going by what she is like. The little things that really matters and tiny reminders that you’re loved can nicely set a rhythm in their heart. A gift that would touch her soul and leave an everlasting impression is something that would make a real thoughtful gift from your side. It is like the little notes that you stick on the fridge, sofa, table and in the kitchen instructing them what to do and how to do it in your absence, can you instruct them for the time they miss you and want to get to you at that particular moment? I just got reminded of the movie P.S.I love you, wherein Gerry (Gerard Butler) does it for Holly (Hillary Swank) in order to help her find a way back to her life with the timely gifts. That’s what love is all about being there for each other even when you cannot be with them in person. That’s what we vowed for, isn’t it?

Gifts always are important at every stage of relationship and as you grow together you know what gifts would please them personally. Thoughtful gift for girlfriend rings the bell of her heart instantly as you could see the blush on her face and that momentarily break down that she undergoes all at once. The lite up expression that they acquire exactly as the scene in ‘The lost Valentine’ where she gets back the heart shaped card that she gave to her husband years after he is gone missing. These wonderfully romantic movie moments may sound unrealistic but the love they show is very much alive. Gifts that carry personally written words always are near to heart than the random gifts that we pick according to her personality. Personalized gifts conveys a lot more than just being a showpiece lying in some corner. The small token of affection are adorable and timeless, something you can always rely on comforting them in your absence.

The mixed feelings that she gets with just reading out the words or with just one look that she rests on the stole, mug, lamp, photo frames, cushions or bottled messages has contentment, comfort, relaxation, peace, love and togetherness everything rushing in. Love them for what they are and gift them what they would like to have as a gift from one heart to another. The most romantic gifts for girlfriend that you have been searching for is you so, why not present your love in your own words that they can relate to. Each day is special to gift when you are in love and saying “I love you” whenever you get a chance with surprise gifts for girlfriend is a way you could keep it happy and together forever with her.

Relationships only get stronger when you communicate and reciprocate and when you do it the thoughtful way it becomes a memory for both of you to go back to the times you made together. The faint smile that you get while thinking of the times when you look at them and they are already staring, these are the gifts that your heart welcomes, keep it preserved forever.

The beauty that you have brought into my life is beyond description, I hardly can express it in words. My heart speaks new language now”. – Emily Stimson


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