National Fruitcake Day, quite an unusual one is celebrated on 27th December every year. As it falls between Christmas and New Year, so it is easy to remember the day and celebrate with friends and family members in a joyous manner. Made with chopped dried fruits, nuts, spices, and other simple ingredients, fruit cakes taste delicious and can be preserved for a very long time. It is believed that fruit cake came from the Rome country and the very first fruit cake was made with the seeds of the pomegranate, raisins, and pine nuts mixed in barley mash.

Fruit Cake

Here are some amazing fun facts about Fruitcake that will definitely make some important revelations.

·         Fruit cake was earlier known as the plum cake that was outlawed in the 18th century in Europe for being sinfully rich.

·         According to the survey, 38% of people admitted that they give fruitcakes away when they receive them.

·         In the USA, the first mail-order fruitcake began in 1913. Most of the fruitcakes made in the USA were free from alcohol.

·         In the year 1935, the phrase ‘Nutty as a Fruitcake’ was coined at the time when Southern bakeries, Claxton and Colin Street had access to cheap nuts.

·         In the year 2006, American citizens mailed 2,952 pounds of fruit cake to soldiers posted in Iraq.

·         On 30th December 2008, in Romania, a Guinness record was set for the heaviest fruitcake ever made that weighed about 619 pounds.

·         According to a custom in England, unmarried wedding guests used to put a slice of dark fruitcake under their pillow at night so that they dream of the person they will marry.

·         In ancient time, the Egyptians used to place an early version of fruitcake in the tomb of their family and loved ones as food for the afterlife.

·         In the middle ages, honey, preserved fruits, and spices were added to the fruitcakes. Even the crusaders were known for eating fruitcakes during their journey from Europe to Palestine. As the fruitcakes could last longer without spoiling and are full of nutritious nuts and dried fruits.

·         In old times, Brandy soaked linens were used to store fruitcakes as some people believed that they would improve with age.

·         Fruitcakes can survive for 25 years and still be eaten as long as they contain proper preservatives and stored in an airtight container.

·         Nut cultivators use to bake fruitcakes at the end of one growing season and then wait till the end of the next growing season to eat them to ensure good luck and a successful harvest of crops.

·         A pineapple fruitcake was brought along on the Apollo 11 space mission, which is currently on display at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington, D.C. According to the Museum’s website, the fruitcake was not consumed during the mission so it was returned to Earth.

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