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Good luck is all about getting the right opportunity at the right time. When you make the right choices in life, good luck follows. People aren’t born lucky. But with kind words, you can wish someone good luck to boost up their confidence level and encourage them to make the right choices in life.

Want to wish your loved ones good luck for a new job or new business? Offering them good luck gifts along with your best wishes is an incredible idea. Here is a list of spellbinding lucky gifts to carry forward your good wishes to your close ones.

Four-leaf Clover Necklace

Four-leaf Clover Necklace

According to Irish tradition, a person who finds a four-leaf clover is destined to have good luck in life. A four-leaf clover necklace is known to bring good luck to the wearer. Each leaf has an associated meaning. One leaf is for faith, one is for love, one is for hope and one is for luck.

Hamsa Evil Eye


The Hamsa evil eye is believed to keep away all the evil spirits and bring good luck, health and happiness to its owner. This good luck charm will help improve the confidence of the person you gift it and encourage them to do well in life.



According to various cultures, the goldfish is known to bring peace, long life, growth and prosperity. That’s the reason they are placed in bowls and aquariums to bring luck in the home. You can gift your loved ones a goldfish decorative piece as a symbol of good luck charm.

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is known to attract positive energy into the home and energize the surroundings. It is also believed to bring love, health, happiness and prosperity. Lucky bamboo is a great indoor plant that you can offer your friends and family as a symbol of good luck. It will make an amazing addition to their home décor.

Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko

Also known as lucky cat, Maneki Neko is known to bestow wealth and happiness on every person who marks her path. It is usually seen at the entrance of shops or around cash registers, which makes it a perfect good luck charm for businessmen. If the right paw of the lucky cat is raised, it means it is inviting money and good luck. If the left paw of the lucky cat is raised, then it is known to attract customers.

Ladybug Keychain

The popular insects worldwide, ladybugs are known to bring luck and they are believed to bring wishes to reality. In some cultures, it is believed that if a ladybug sits on you and you don’t brush it off that means your luck will improve. Gifting a ladybug keychain is a great way to wish someone good luck and prosperity in life.

Laughing Buddha on an Elephant

Laughing Buddha on an Elephant

According to Feng Shui, laughing Buddha is known to bring happiness and an elephant with raised tusk is known to bring luck in life. By gifting these two lucky charms in a single gift item, you can wish your loved ones both happiness and good luck in life. It is also known to motivate the recipient to perform better at business or workplace and achieve success.

These incredible gift options will help you extend wishes and good luck to your dear ones in every part of their life.


Fathers are like superheroes for their kids. Actually, they are just ordinary people who have the courage and strength to do things extraordinarily. They leave no stone unturned to ensure their kids live a happy and comfortable life.

Father’s Day gives us an opportunity to appreciate the love, efforts, and sacrifices of our dads and show how much we care for them. There is no better way to thank your dad than gifting him healthy gifts that boost his well-being. Here are some healthy Father’s Day gift ideas to encourage your dad to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness Band

Fitness Band

Fitness bands are a perfect example of advanced technology that inspires to embrace a healthy lifestyle. Capable to track heartbeat, calories consumed and the number of steps taken, the fitness band will motivate your dad to stay physically active and give him the satisfaction of living better.

 Gym Membership

Gym Membership

Whether your dad follows a strict workout routine or planning to stay in good shape, a yearly gym membership is something that he will definitely love. The regular workout sessions will keep him away from health issues and bring positivity to his life. The thoughtful gift will portray your concern for his health and well-being.

Fresh Fruit Basket

Fresh Fruit Basket

Fruits are the best source of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and micronutrients that help in digestion, improve blood circulation and reduce the risk of several diseases, which are quite common among old-age people. The tasty and healthsome fresh fruit basket arranged in beautiful packaging is a healthy gift choice for Father’s Day. It will speak volumes of your love and care for your dad.

Running Shoes

Running Shoes

Running is a great form of exercise that improves physical and mental health as well. It reduces the risk of having a stroke, burn off extra calories and helps eliminate depression. Gifting your dad a fresh pair of running shoes on Father’s Day is the best way to get him on the road and motivate to do some running every day.

Yoga Mat

Yoga Mat

If your dad loves yoga, then he will absolutely love anything that makes his yoga sessions more fun and interesting. Gifting a yoga mat on Father’s Day made from natural rubber will reflect your caring attitude towards your dad that he can take with him to practice wherever he goes.

Green Tea Hamper

Green Tea Hamper

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that improve the way brain functions, reduces the risk of cancer and has a powerful effect on the body. Packed with the goodness of nature, the green tea hamper will make a thoughtful Father’s Day gift that will give a refreshing start to your dad’s day and benefit his health.

Customised Diet Plan

Customised Diet Plan

As they say, you become what you eat. Good nutrition plays an important role in maintaining health and preventing diseases. Therefore, a customized diet plan will inspire your dad to eat healthy and stay fit. This practice will promote the feeling of well-being, which will bring positivity to your dad’s life.

These health-promoting Father’s Day gift ideas will allow your dad to take care of himself and bring a positive difference to his life.


Houseplants are a major source of adding colors to your abode. They brighten up your living area and make it look more calm and welcoming. The indoor plants also naturally filter air pollutants, maiindoor plants indoor plants ntain humidity levels, reduce stress level, and boost creativity. With all these benefits, calling them all-rounder wouldn’t be wrong.

In spite of the several benefits indoor plants provide, keeping them in the bedroom is always a debatable discussion as plants emit carbon dioxide at night, which can be harmful to humans.  So, let’s have a look at the pros and cons of keeping plants in the bedroom.


Clean the Air – Plants remove toxins and VOC’s from the air such as formaldehyde, benzene, and trichloroethylene. They take carbon dioxide from the air and produce oxygen that offers human fresh and pure air to breathe.

Add Calm and Soothing Vibes to Your Décor Indoor plants are the best way to bring nature into your home that adds a personality to your living space. Having fresh and green plants around reduces stress levels and add peace to your surroundings.

Help You Sleep Better– According to a study conducted by NASA, houseplants produce additional oxygen that helps you breathe and sleep better. Having plants beside your bed can improve the quality of your sleep and leave you feeling fresh all day long.

Improve Humidity Levels – Houseplants increase humidity in the air through the process called transpiration. And the increased level of humidity in the bedroom keeps respiratory diseases at bay and also decreases the risk of cold, cough, sore throats, and dry skin.

Boost Healing – Patients in rooms with plants have a lower risk of heart diseases and blood pressure, experience less anxiety, and require fewer pain medications. Adding plants to bedroom boost the healing process among sick and bedridden patients.


Create Mess – Changing soil and regular watering of indoor plants can create a mess or spread dirt, in case water spills or the container is broken. Keeping plants on your bedside table along with other items can create clutter and the plant may get knocked down accidentally.

Not All Plants Are Pet-Friendly – If you have pets around the house, then you need to be very careful while choosing the indoor plants. There are some varieties of houseplants that can be really dangerous for cats and dogs if ingested. Make sure you only keep pet-friendly plants in your bedroom.

Need For Humidity – The indoor houseplants need at least 50% humidity to thrive well. During winter, constant central heating, lack of fresh air, or cold draughts can dry out the air in your house. In this situation, bedroom plants do not receive adequate humidity to grow well and eventually die. To solve this problem, you can put your indoor plants in trays with lots of pebbles and water or try running a humidifier in the room with plants.

Indoor Plants May Attract Bugs: Some of the houseplants may attract unwanted pests and bugs. The soil of the plants is the perfect place for insects to lay their eggs and watering them worsens the problem. You need to carefully inspect the plants before bringing them to your house and detox them by spraying the entire plant with a sharp stream of water.

Keeping the right plants and giving them the right care can beautify your home and contribute to the well-being of all family members.

Ramadan, also known as Ramzan is a holy month of the Islamic calendar, which is observed worldwide as the month of fasting. During the entire month, people fast, pray to God, do charity to the underprivileged and feed hungry people. Ramadan has started from 5th May and the last day of this holy month will be observed on 4th June.

The main purpose of fasting during Ramadan is practicing self-control. It cleanses the mind and body of people and teaches them to be more loving, caring, and sympathetic towards others. Fasting during Ramadan reminds people about the suffering of the less fortunate ones and to disconnect from worldly pleasures.

How Do People Fast During Ramadan?

During Ramadan, Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. They are not supposed to drink a single drop of water during the daytime. They are encouraged to observe five daily prayers and recite the Quran before breaking their fast at sunset. Smoking, drinking, or indulging in any sort of sexual activity with your partner is not considered validated for the people who are fasting during Ramadan. They should not get into fights or arguments with anyone and spread love and peace among everyone.

Before starting the fast, people eat a pre-dawn meal called ‘Suhoor’ that helps them get through the day. They break their fast with a sip of water and some dates at the time of sunset. After the sunset prayer, Muslims relish the evening meal called ‘Iftar’ with their friends and family members.

Famous Ramadan Traditions around the World:

  • People greet each other by saying Ramadan Mubarak on the first day of the holy month.
  • Muslims begin and end their fast with prayers and visit the mosque every day during the Ramadan month.
  • People refrain from any sort of wrongdoing during Ramadan like fights, anger, greed, drinking or smoking. Charity is one of the major traditions of Ramadan and people from well to do families also donate a little part of their total assets to the poor and needy people. This tradition is called ‘Zakat.’
  • The 14th day of Ramadan is celebrated as Garangao in some parts of the Gulf, which is a tradition to reward kids in fasting halfway through the month.
  • In Indonesia, prior to the month of Ramadan, Muslims immerse themselves in holy wells or springs to cleanse themselves spiritually. This tradition is popularly known as ‘Padusan.’
  • On Laylat-al-Qadr, which is known as the holiest night of the year, people offer their prayers to almighty. It is believed that blessings granted on this day are more powerful than the rest of the year.
  • It is believed that the Egyptians welcomed the arrival of Caliph Moezz Addin Allah in Cairo in 969 by lighting hundreds of lanterns. Since then, lighting ‘Fanous’ or lanterns have become a popular tradition in Egypt during Ramadan.

Delicious Cuisines Relished During Iftar:

Biryani– Biryani is a mixed rice dish with its origin among the Muslims of the Indian continent. It is made with highly seasoned rice, spices, vegetables, lentils, and meat.

Haleem– Haleem is a stew composed of meat, lentils, spices, and pounded wheat. It is slow cooked for seven to eight hours that gives it a thick, paste-like consistency.

Kofta– Koftas are the balls of minced or ground meat, usually chicken, lamb, beef or pork that are mixed with onions and spices.

Pastirma– Pastirma is a highly seasoned, air-dried cured beef that is produced and consumed in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. It is prepared by salting the meat, then washing it with water and letting it dry for at least two weeks.

Ramadan is considered the month of gifting. Therefore, we have curated a list of amazing gift ideas to help you buy perfect Ramadan gifts for your loved ones.

Flowers– There’s nothing better than flowers to delight the heart of your loved ones on the arrival of the blessed month of Ramadan. The bright and beautiful blooms are sure to brighten up their day and bring a smile on their face.

Abayas & Scarves– It will make an ideal gift for women among your friends and family and help them cover themselves for prayers during the holy Ramadan month.

Scented Candles & Lamps– The scented candles and lamps are lit in every house during Ramadan as the traditional symbol of spreading love and light everywhere. Along with light, scented candles spread soothing and relaxing scent that will create a sense of well-being among your loved ones during the month of fasting.

Ittars– Made from flower petals distilled in water, Ittars are popularly known for their soothing smell. It is a perfect Ramadan gifting option for both men and women that they can wear on special occasions or everyday basis.

Holy Prayer Books– Gifting holy prayer books to your loved ones can make their Ramadan even better. Reciting the prayers will help them develop a spiritual connection with God and take them to the path of love, peace, and harmony.

‘Ye sheher nahin mehfil hai, ye Dilli hai mere yaar’- these lyrics from the title track of Delhi 6 has rightly captured the essence of the capital city. Delhi is not just a city, it is an emotion that stays forever with every person who has ever lived here.

What makes this city truly amazing? It is the art, culture, age-old monuments, colorful festivals, and food culture of this city, which is highly influenced by the multicultural people that reside here. Delhi offers its residents plenty of fun things to do throughout the year like cultural events and food festivals that make it unique and interesting.

Here is a list of upcoming food & music events in Delhi that you shouldn’t miss.

NASVI Street Food Festival

One of the best food festivals in Delhi, it brings together 150 food stalls and about 300 mouthwatering cuisines from all across India. If you are a huge street food lover, this festival will take your love for street food to a whole new level. Along with food, this festival offers several fun activities and entertaining musical performances.

When: Around November or December

Where: Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium, Delhi

 Great Indian Food Festival

Another remarkable food festival that will take your taste buds on a heavenly ride of flavors and spices from different states of India. If you have a strong affinity for spicy food and enjoy it more than anything else, this is the food festival you must attend. Quite easy on the pocket, this street food festival offers everything from Amritsari Kulche and Mumbai’s Vada Pav to Delhi’s Paneer Tikka.

When: Between November to January

Where: Dilli Haat, Pitampura, New Delhi

 Asian Hawkers Market

If you like to relish Asian cuisines like dim sums, sushi rolls, and pork buns, then you shouldn’t miss the Asian Hawkers Market that is held every year in Delhi in Select CityWalk mall. It offers the best of Japanese, Chinese, Thai, and Southeast Asian cuisines along with music performances and merchandise and jewelry stalls. This 3-day market is perfect to plan a memorable get together with your friends and family.

When: Twice a year, February & October

Where: Select CityWalk, Saket, New Delhi

 Qutub Festival

It is a 3-day festival held in the Qutub complex in Delhi that showcases the cultural art forms of the country. This festival draws national and international attention towards the classic structure of beautiful Qutub Minar, the most celebrated monuments of the country. Various cultural events are held as a part of the festival where Indian classical music experts and folk musicians deliver outstanding performances. The regional food stalls are also set up at the Qutub complex that serves delicious cuisines of Delhi, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, and the Northern states of India.

When: During October or November

Where: Qutub Complex, Mehrauli, Delhi

Delhi International Jazz Festival

Indian Council for cultural relations organizes the Delhi International Jazz Festival that attracts jazz lovers to this musical heaven form all over the world. This 3-day festival brings bands together from France, Israel, Spain, Taiwan, Mexico, Korea, and India that creates magic with spectacular performances. Tap your feet and feel the music in your veins while witnessing the magic happening right in front of you.

When: Beginning of the March or the end of September

Where: Nehru Park, Chanakyapuri, Delhi