Grow these Summer Flowers that are Best for Your Garden

To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow.”- Audrey Hepburn

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.”- Cicero

“Plant your own garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.”- Veronica A. Shoffstall

These are some of the amazing quotes from famous personalities that encourage people to have a lovely garden in their home. No doubt, the beauty, charm and elegance of a garden full of colourful flowers and unique plants is simply a sight to behold. However, maintaining and taking care of the same is quite challenging. Further, people living in tropical and sub-tropical climates where summers arrive with an average temperature between 35 to 50 degrees Celsius, planting flowers who don’t wilt in scorching sun rays is a herculean task. Here in this blog, we are discussing some of the extraordinary summer flowers that are a fantastic choice for your home garden. Take a quick look below:

Dahlia- Although, it arrives in multiple shapes and colours but the most distinctive feature is its bell-shaped flower head along with clustered petals. The different varieties of dahlia achieve diverse heights and sizes in addition to having different flowering needs. It is one of the sun-loving flowers that can survive harsh summer climates.

Marigold– Do you want to witness the most cheerful flower for any garden? The charming marigold is the wonderful flower variety that comes in multiple colours such as orange, bright yellow or warm yellow. It is one of the most important constituents of your summer garden and thrives well in abundant sunlight with little maintenance or care.

Black-eyed Susan- Described as the most popular wildflower, it can capture the attention of any passer-by towards your garden without any doubt. With a tough appearance and golden coloured flowers, it can easily grow well in sunlight and makes a wonderful combo with any other flower in the garden. Black-eyed Susan also emerges as great cut flower and adds charm to any flower bouquet effortlessly.

Lantana- Arriving with multiple colours such as red, yellow, orange, pink and purple with minimum maintenance requirements, Lantana is simply a marvellous summer flower. These beautiful flowers can easily bloom the entire summer season and are known to be extremely drought resistant making them a fantastic choice for your summer garden.

Blanket Flower- Are you looking for a great flowering option for your beautiful garden? It is time to check out these cheerful flowers with red petals that have a tinge of yellow at the outer ends. You can plant this long blooming flower in your summer themed containers and planters for a mesmerizing look of your home garden.

Zinnia- If you want to add exciting colour and elegance to your garden, don’t forget this wonderful flower that comes at a pocket-friendly price. It can easily grow properly within few weeks and blooms well in the abundant sunshine. Zinnias are known to attract butterflies and can set a perfect environment for your beautiful little garden.

Aster- Witness the sparkling beauty of this flower in the tones of rich purple or lavender, however, they are also available in pink and white colours. This extraordinary flower is further capable to withstand heat and helps in adding a soft touch to your garden. Asters can easily bloom from spring to fall making it a wonderful perennial flower.

So, reinvent your gardening skills by planting these lovely summer blooms into your garden. They not only add vibrant charm but can also thrive properly in harsh temperate summer climates with no extra requirements. Visit your nearest plant nursery shop or order these fantastic flowers online from any florist store and enjoy a beautiful garden of your own.

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