So, my younger sister is one of those very few on this earth who does not like the idea of cutting a cake on her birthday. I have known only her with this thought. I mean, who does not want to hear that good old ‘happy birthday to you’ going in the chorus with several alterations going around. Also, the epic cake smudging ritual followed by a mouthful of pieces flowing in. Cake cutting comes as a synonym to birthdays and cake is a default best birthday gift for the one celebrating.

This got me into thinking, how important is it to cut a cake, anyway? So, I decided to go into the roots of it and how did it all start. It all dates back to Middle Ages when Germans came up with the first cake ever and used to celebrate their Children’s birthday with Geburtstagorten (coarse, bread-like product that later became a sweeter).

But, it still does not explain the association of cakes with birthdays and that we cannot think anything beyond cutting a cake on a birthday. It is a set thought that if, it is your birthday you are bound to come across at least one cake. Does that mean you cannot simply cut a cake and eat it any given day? Why is it that one has to have a celebration in order to book a cake?  Does every cake look for a wish? It is just another dessert like brownie, pastry or cupcakes.

Why don’t we usually go for a cake instead of a piece of pastry to satisfy our taste buds? If you think of buying a whole cake it just does not fit right. I never knew cakes could come with complications and decisions too.

Maybe, I should just let the cake be. After all, it is that one thing that delivers and adds to happiness.

Oh! There’s an answer. If you are happy and you know it, grab a cake. There does not have to be a birthday, anniversary, wedding or some milestone to cut a cake. It is happiness that makes you want to do it and cake just fits right in. That whole chocolate fudge thing gives utmost pleasure as the knife cuts through the layers to burst out the chocolate mixed happiness from within. So, if you are happy to age a year old you can go ahead with the celebration on your birthday otherwise, there is always any other day when you can have the cake all to yourself.

Also, my sister has been the smart one all this while to get a cake the very next day of her birthday just because she felt like it with all the mood to simply celebrate happiness.


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