A cake can be a saviour for sudden hunger pangs, a remedy for a bad mood, a mechanism to ease problems in a troubled relationship, an indispensable part of a special celebration and much more. Expressing the importance of a mouth-watering cake further, Duff Goldman has rightly said, “The great thing about cakes is it doesn’t feel like work. You forget about work…That’s the magic right there.” Whether you want to celebrate a birthday, marriage anniversary, wedding, farewell, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and other such important events, you need to order a perfect cake without any doubt. It is important to choose a right cake that can impress your loved ones as well as engage your visitors for any special occasion. Here are the various designer cakes that are a superb choice for a number of important occasions and can add excitement to any celebration effortlessly.

Cartoon/Superhero cake- There is always a need for a superhero in every age or any part of the world. These superheroes are loved by children as well as adults alike. Apart from these superheroes, cartoons are also capable of winning the heart of everyone irrespective of the gender, age, caste or creed. If you want to celebrate the birthday of your dear ones who are in love with adorable cartoons or mighty superheroes, it is time to order a delicious cartoon or Superhero cake for them without any doubt. You can easily place the order for a Spiderman cake, Minions cake, Batman cake, Mickey Mouse cake, Frozen Princess cake, Superman cake and other varieties to impress your loved ones effortlessly.


Special heart cake- When you want to express the deepest emotions of heart on Valentine’s Day to your beloved girlfriend or wife, a yummy special heart cake is the ideal choice for you. Order a mouth-watering heart cake for your sweetheart that is available in a wide range of flavours such as Black Forest, Red Velvet, Butterscotch, Pineapple and more. Along with this perfect heart cake, you can also give a splendid bouquet of beautiful flowers, a box of Ferrero Rocher chocolates or a cute teddy bear to get a special place in the heart of your partner.

Heart Shape cake

Toy cake- Toys have a strong and close relationship with kids by keeping them busy during the leisure time. If you want to give a memorable surprise on the birthday occasion of your adorable son or daughter, order a fantastic toy cake for him or her instantly. You can easily explore a Ferrari cake, Football cake, Cricket bat cake, Camera cake, Monster truck cake and a lot of other exciting variants.

Stylish Lamborghini Cake

Flower cake- A flower is undoubtedly known as the epitome of beauty, grace and charm. Similarly, a flower cake would simply stand out in any celebration be it a birthday, Valentine’s Day, wedding ceremony and other important events. Further, this relishing cake is available in various enticing flavours such as Chocolate, Strawberry, Butterscotch and Vanilla.

flower cake

Tier cake- There are lots of people who want to celebrate any special occasion or event in a grand and lavish style. They simply follow the notion of “Live life king size” and a cake is a part of their extravaganza celebration. To help such people in living up to their aspirations, tier cakes have emerged as the fantastic choice. You can easily order a two, three, four or five tier cake for any important occasion like wedding, birthday and other such events.

Tier cake

Liquor bottle cake- If your dear one is a booze lover, order this liquor bottle cake without any further doubt. It can be a perfect way to add excitement to a birthday party or a bachelor party of your special friend who is going to be married soon.

Liquor bottle cake

Number cake- Whether you are celebrating the first birthday, fifth birthday, 18th birthday, first marriage anniversary, tenth marriage anniversary, silver jubilee anniversary, golden jubilee anniversary or any other celebration, a number cake is a perfect way to remember those glorious years which have passed away with countless sweet memories. It is time to choose the ideal number cake and celebrate your special years with your loved ones.

Number CakesDesigner Cheesecake- Looking for an exotic flavour to pamper your taste buds on any special occasion? Try out some of the relishing cheesecake flavours that can mesmerize your taste buds instantly. Choose a Blueberry Cheesecake, Mango Cheesecake, Pineapple Cheesecake and other such flavours for any important occasion.

Designer Cheesecake

Cricket pitch cake- Are your loved ones gripped in a high cricket fever due to an ongoing series, upcoming international tournaments or other such events? Why not order a cricket pitch cake for such an obsessed cricket fan? It will definitely be a wonderful cake choice for your loved ones and will showcase their love for cricket in a unique manner.

Cricket pitch cake

Remember, a cake is a wonderful medium to take any important celebration to another level. You need to choose a perfect cake according to your budget requirements, taste and preference in order to give a memorable sweet treat to your dear ones. It is time to delve into the sweet, soft and creamy layers of a designer cake and celebrate every occasion in an unforgettable manner.

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