‘My love for you is unconditional and eternal’ ‘I want you by my side’ ‘I cannot stop thinking about you’ and words like these make a lot of sense when conveyed in the right way to the right person and the right time. Each one of us remember the first time when we flipped over the thought of someone and how some of us continued that relations with expressing that feeling at the right time. And for others who couldn’t do it now sit back and think what if I couldn’t say it in person I would have wrote it in the most expressive way to gain the love back. Right here comes the importance of gifts that too the personalized ones. We at BookMyFlowers understand how at times we are unable to carry that much courage to convey what we feel or even comfort the distant ones over phone. That’s why we have lined up the options for sending personalized message in the most creative way to treasure your love and words of emotions and feelings attached to them.

1. Message in a box: Remember the scene from ‘The lost valentine’ where they exchange their love with a handmade card in a box and it carried the love from her to him and from him to her back. It is always very romantic to write so that even when you are way a feel of your is always there. This lovely red colored box will carry a part of you to be with them.

2. Personalized bottle lamp: What more would be expressive than a lamp glowing with your love words in her bedroom or for his restful nights. These bottles have been designed with the idea of a lamp to be kept on the side table with love and comfort to make them feel a peace.

3. Cute message bottles: A wooden box of tiny bottles to deliver the unspoken words of togetherness beyond distance and understanding beyond borders is the smart pick for this valentines or birthday. Heartfelt words to give her the idea of being in love and our romantic side is what these bottles have got for you.

4. Personalize cushion: The best place to have the cushion is on your bed to cuddle up to them for a good sleep and when the cushion is rolled up in your memories and thoughts it gives a calming good night sleep. Imprint the memories you made together and give them words of love and care to give a distinct place to these snuggly cushions in their heart.

5. Customized mug: Customized or Personalized Mugs are something you can keep in your cabin, shop and kitchen for your personal use. Each day you use the mug at least twice for coffee or tea and each time you glance you find a personal touch of words for your loved one. Yes, the purpose of gifting her the mug is solved. A quick knock on the heart and mind and to drive them away to your thoughts in the busy hours over a cup of coffee. Cool right!.

Some of these gifting suggestions from us will surely open the doors to your love life and speed up the relationship with feelings well expressed. Get on the roller coaster ride of being in love and getting those collywobbles with best personalized gifts. Words work wonders when you want to express and the way you express it makes it legendary.


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