It mostly happens that we are unable to plan last minute holidays to attend a function though we really want to be a part of it. This is the case common with weddings most of the time as dates can fall anytime, and you might not make it for the functions because of the ongoing projects, exams or submissions. Last year, one of my really close friends was all set to marry in Pune and she informed me the same two months before and asked me to join the ceremony as it would mean a lot to her. I also did not want to skip it at any cost as this was the chance when we could live the past and make the new ones to add to our life albums. I work in Delhi and have got a marketing job that requires me to be whenever and wherever my clients want as I have to handle them alone. Though I had planned my leaves and was all set to attend the event but, a last minute important deal came up some five days before and I had to follow it up for some days so, the plan of attending the wedding got dicey.

Now, I started looking for the alternative that can possibly cover up for me not being there. Though in the back of my mind, I constantly wanted to leave everything and be by her side to see her start a new life, it was not really possibly. I came across a website BookMyFlowers mentioned it could send gifts to Pune and that was just something I was looking for. What could be a better way to make your presence felt other than sending a gift that would add on to her happiness?

So, I went on to the category of wedding gifts and there it was the most apt one that I sent for delivery. I gave her a beautiful silver frame with finely done artistic edges that looked elegant and catchy. One that she could keep on the side table in her room or display it in the sitting area. The frame just clicked me at once because of the beauty it carried. I saw several other items that would have been a good pick so, would definitely visit the website for most of the occasions that I plan to gift for. This wedding gifts delivery in Pune service offered by the website made sure my wishes go timely to wish her well. Though she got upset when I told her that I would not be able to make it for her D-day, this gift definitely made her happy.

This situation can come to anyone but wedding is something that is important for the individuals so, even when you cannot make it make sure you send best wedding gifts for couples as they expect you to be a part of their happiness. All kinds of gifts can be found on this site and can suit the budget that you plan with gifts as reasonable as wedding gifts below 1000 with variety. I have bookmarked the website for being a regular shopper from the site as it has made my task of searching the right gifts much easier.


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