Ramadan, also known as Ramzan is a holy month of the Islamic calendar, which is observed worldwide as the month of fasting. During the entire month, people fast, pray to God, do charity to the underprivileged and feed hungry people. Ramadan has started from 5th May and the last day of this holy month will be observed on 4th June.

The main purpose of fasting during Ramadan is practicing self-control. It cleanses the mind and body of people and teaches them to be more loving, caring, and sympathetic towards others. Fasting during Ramadan reminds people about the suffering of the less fortunate ones and to disconnect from worldly pleasures.

How Do People Fast During Ramadan?

During Ramadan, Muslims abstain from eating and drinking from sunrise to sunset. They are not supposed to drink a single drop of water during the daytime. They are encouraged to observe five daily prayers and recite the Quran before breaking their fast at sunset. Smoking, drinking, or indulging in any sort of sexual activity with your partner is not considered validated for the people who are fasting during Ramadan. They should not get into fights or arguments with anyone and spread love and peace among everyone.

Before starting the fast, people eat a pre-dawn meal called ‘Suhoor’ that helps them get through the day. They break their fast with a sip of water and some dates at the time of sunset. After the sunset prayer, Muslims relish the evening meal called ‘Iftar’ with their friends and family members.

Famous Ramadan Traditions around the World:

  • People greet each other by saying Ramadan Mubarak on the first day of the holy month.
  • Muslims begin and end their fast with prayers and visit the mosque every day during the Ramadan month.
  • People refrain from any sort of wrongdoing during Ramadan like fights, anger, greed, drinking or smoking. Charity is one of the major traditions of Ramadan and people from well to do families also donate a little part of their total assets to the poor and needy people. This tradition is called ‘Zakat.’
  • The 14th day of Ramadan is celebrated as Garangao in some parts of the Gulf, which is a tradition to reward kids in fasting halfway through the month.
  • In Indonesia, prior to the month of Ramadan, Muslims immerse themselves in holy wells or springs to cleanse themselves spiritually. This tradition is popularly known as ‘Padusan.’
  • On Laylat-al-Qadr, which is known as the holiest night of the year, people offer their prayers to almighty. It is believed that blessings granted on this day are more powerful than the rest of the year.
  • It is believed that the Egyptians welcomed the arrival of Caliph Moezz Addin Allah in Cairo in 969 by lighting hundreds of lanterns. Since then, lighting ‘Fanous’ or lanterns have become a popular tradition in Egypt during Ramadan.

Delicious Cuisines Relished During Iftar:

Biryani– Biryani is a mixed rice dish with its origin among the Muslims of the Indian continent. It is made with highly seasoned rice, spices, vegetables, lentils, and meat.

Haleem– Haleem is a stew composed of meat, lentils, spices, and pounded wheat. It is slow cooked for seven to eight hours that gives it a thick, paste-like consistency.

Kofta– Koftas are the balls of minced or ground meat, usually chicken, lamb, beef or pork that are mixed with onions and spices.

Pastirma– Pastirma is a highly seasoned, air-dried cured beef that is produced and consumed in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. It is prepared by salting the meat, then washing it with water and letting it dry for at least two weeks.

Ramadan is considered the month of gifting. Therefore, we have curated a list of amazing gift ideas to help you buy perfect Ramadan gifts for your loved ones.

Flowers– There’s nothing better than flowers to delight the heart of your loved ones on the arrival of the blessed month of Ramadan. The bright and beautiful blooms are sure to brighten up their day and bring a smile on their face.

Abayas & Scarves– It will make an ideal gift for women among your friends and family and help them cover themselves for prayers during the holy Ramadan month.

Scented Candles & Lamps– The scented candles and lamps are lit in every house during Ramadan as the traditional symbol of spreading love and light everywhere. Along with light, scented candles spread soothing and relaxing scent that will create a sense of well-being among your loved ones during the month of fasting.

Ittars– Made from flower petals distilled in water, Ittars are popularly known for their soothing smell. It is a perfect Ramadan gifting option for both men and women that they can wear on special occasions or everyday basis.

Holy Prayer Books– Gifting holy prayer books to your loved ones can make their Ramadan even better. Reciting the prayers will help them develop a spiritual connection with God and take them to the path of love, peace, and harmony.

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