Beat Friend

                                     Many friends will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart 

                                                                                                               – Eleanor Roosevelt

Best friends are like the breath of fresh air who bring freshness to our lives. In happiness and sorrow, they stand by our side like a strong pillar and make us feel loved in extraordinary ways. They are our partner-in-crime and soul mates who are always the first to know about our good days and bad ones too. Best friends never shy away from making fun of us and they are also the first ones to fight against the whole world for us. They put up with all of our nonsense and would do anything to put a beaming smile on our face. In short, life seems quite hard without them.

So here are a few reasons why it is so hard to imagine your life without your best friends.

They Are Your Go-to Person

From dating to makeup tips and relationship advice to career choice, you can always count on your best friends. Whether you want the movie tickets at the last moment or forgot to complete your homework, they somehow have the solution for all your problems. Because they know you well inside out, so they always come up with the best suggestions in every situation.

Always There to Encourage You

Whenever you are nervous or self-conscious, your best friends are always there to give you the best pep talk. And their dose of encouragement does wonders when nothing seems to comfort you in the whole world. Be it the competition that you have to face in school or a real-time situation, their encouraging words always bring up the “go and get it” attitude in you.

Offers You a Shoulder to Cry after Breakups

Breakups are always tough. But they can be a little less painful when you have the best friends to offer you the shoulder to cry. First, they will help you vent out all the pain, anger and frustration. And then party hard with you to help you forget what happened in the past and look towards the future with high hopes.

Their Level of Craziness Match Yours

It is the dream of every person to have friends with whom he/she can act crazy without the fear of being judged. And once you find those people in your life, they become your best friends whom you never let go. And spend your entire life bring crazy and weirdly funny with them.

They Are Brutally Honest With You

You should know how people sometimes butter up things and fake compliment you for many things. No, they aren’t the people you call best friends. Best friends are the people who are totally honest with you and always speak the truth in your face even when you don’t want to hear it. Because they want to protect you and tell you the honest truth about your life.

They Listen To All Your Problems

No matter how big or silly your problems are, your best friends listen to all of them without interrupting even once. They know almost everything about your life and join you on the emotional roller coaster willfully. And they do everything in their capability to solve your problems and put a big smile on your face.

They Make Everything Better

Somehow best friends make our lives a little better. They share our sorrows, enhances our joys, and helps us realize all our dreams. They fill our lives with immense positivity and gives us the confidence with their kind and encouraging words. They complete our lives and makes it more of a dreamy affair.

If you are blessed with super loving and caring best friends in life who makes it worth living, then love them with all your heart and take care of them forever.



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