The weather is doing it again. What? Telling me, to grab that heart that bests for me take it in a corner away from the crowd and tell him my heart is locked with his forever. No, this is not some cheesy Bollywood movie scene. That’s how romantic a heart can get at times. All you want to do is enjoy a cup of coffee with your love or just go on a drive, far, far away.

But, we cannot do that instantly can we, all the time? What he is miles away and all you can do is dial his number. Chances are he is caught and will not be there to listen to your heart at that time. Then, what? You let that feeling subside until it craves for just one sight of him again. No, you instantly collect all of that feeling and fill it in a box to send his way. A gift for any day when you feel romantic and want to express it. It will work and you will feel connected with all the emotions well delivered. Try it once, and you would know the power of sending a gift just because you are in love and want them to know.

  1. Nothing does it better than red roses and this pastel vases carrying a whole bunch of these artificial beauties is as fresh and thriving. Red roses are closest to romance and will do justice to your feelings.
  2. Oh! This cute one reaching out to each other is the most adorable thing you would find to gift today. Wrap this one up to send some cuddles with the coffee. While, you are not there the blushing mug would make him remind of you.
  3. A date does not always have to be in some luxury dine- in place and can just do with two glasses of sparkling wine and some chocolates on a balcony set up so that you two can have a good time. Plan this one when they get home on a weekday, as weekends are for cuddling and staying in.
  4. When in love, it’s the small things that matter. As small as a bookmark can also, do the same magic of taking your love in between the pages of their favorite book. A very thoughtful one indeed with all the love beautifully delivered.
  5. These little bottles have got the genie of romance and love. A very romantic gift when you want to keep it simply cute with the words. This one in a box is a true charmer with little bottles overloaded with love.
  6. Romance does not have to be dipped in pink and red. It can be as wacky and weird and she will still find the love in it. The thought that they come into our mind and you chose to drop a box at their doors itself is romantic.

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