If you have been waiting for your father to receive a token of love that you carry in the heart and want him to know. We seldom get time to actually sit and share with our parents especially father. With this little gesture of sending gifts to him, you can definitely say the unsaid and get the right items sent to him in no time. This time, take father’s day as an opportunity to get connected to him and tell him what you really feel and we have picked up some of the gifts that would definitely let you do it in a right way. Online gifts delivery to Bangalore would take these latest picks to tell your dad that you would always be his little one and looking out for his fingers to hold and walk.

1. Cushion: As simple and as impactful, this item would just make it well done for the gift and the message too. Cushions can be picked from the collection that we have got with the catchy quotes and you can get your own printed too.

2. Toolkit: Something that your dad would like is this toolkit with everything taken care of for his easy reach. He finds his peace in fixing things and is the technical expert of the family. Salute his ‘jugaad skills’ and offer him a tool kit that would send your love only in a unique way.

3. Ice Box: He keeps travelling and wants carefree driving hours so, get him an ice box that he can carry for all the hours he is on roads or if he takes a weekend off. Get the ice box and items that have been designed to give the travel time eased out.

4. Fresh planter: Something I would want my father or grandfather to own are these succulents from my side. Get the planters and it would be delivered to the homes for an ever growing wish coming their way.

5. Leather wallet: Something personal, it would keep the money safe with keeping the gift that you give in front of him all the time. These leather wallets are crisp in look and are an ideal one to gift.

6. Green tea Hampers: For fresh mornings to give a promising start these green tea hampers would do as required. Send gifts to Bangalore through BookMyFlowers and you would be amazed to see the quick delivery offered.

These easy picks would get the quality items to the desired destination and one can get the necessary items to be delivered to the right address. Start preparing and meanwhile the gifts would fly from all the place to make a crazy entry. Get the items that you are looking for and we would make sure you celebrate it the right way.


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