Baby Name


The name is an important part of our identity. Something that people ask when they meet us for the first time. It stays with us from the moment of birth till we die. Therefore, choosing a beautiful name for your baby girl is of great importance.

The names inspired by flowers are quite graceful and feminine. They are pleasant to hear and give an impression of something pure and delicate. So why not name your baby girl after flowers. Here are a few important points that will help you choose an appropriate flower’s name for your newborn daughter.

Understand The Flower’s Meaning

Each flower carries different meanings. Like, the rose symbolizes delicacy and beauty, which is actually a beautiful name to give to your little one. Lily signifies femininity and innocence, which is also considered the symbol of purity in Christianity. In fact, there are several famous actresses and celebrities named after this flower, like Lily Collins, Lily Allen, Lily Tomlin, Lily Cole, and many more. Similarly, daisy connotes love, beauty, and new beginnings, which is also a famous girl’s name of English origin.

The Personal Significance of Certain Flower in Your Life

Is there any personal significance of a certain flower in your life? Like the first flower that you received from your partner on your first date. Or the flowers used for the decoration at your wedding. Or maybe a flower that both you and your spouse like the most. Consider choosing flowers that are special and close to your heart.

The Birth Month of the Baby

Do you know there are different birth flowers for each month? And each of them is related to wonderful stories. So, you can also choose a flower name based on the month when your baby is due. Like, the birth flower for the month of February is Iris, which symbolizes faith, courage, and wisdom. Daisy is the birth flower of April month and Lily for May. This way you’ll have plenty of options when choosing a flower name for your baby girl based on her birth month.

Qualities You Want To Inspire in Your Baby

It is important to consider qualities or values you want to inspire in your baby girl before picking a flower name for her. For example, if you aspire your kid to be loving, content, and patient in life, then Aster would be an ideal name that signifies all these qualities. If you desire your baby girl turns out to be a beautiful person with a pure and innocent heart, then you can name her Lily that signifies these qualities. Selecting names with substantial meanings will nurture her personality in a beautiful way and give an idea about who she really is.

Here is a list of unique and popular flower names for baby girls :-

  • Rose
  • Lily
  • Iris
  • Jasmine
  • Holly
  • Daisy
  • Ivy
  • Heather
  • Violet
  • Dahlia
  • Lilah
  • Aster

We really hope these tips help you choose a wonderful flower name for your baby girl.