Throughout human history, flowers have been the perfect source to communicate love, care and other heartfelt emotions. The beautifully prepared flower bouquets and arrangements help express affection, gratitude, admiration and appreciation towards your loved ones on major occasions. With their beauty and lasting fragrance, the mesmerizing blossoms spread cheer and positive vibes everywhere.

Do you ever wonder when did the tradition of gifting flowers started among humans? Well, we did a bit of research and gathered some important information about the evolutionary tradition of gifting flowers that we are sharing with you.

History of Giving Flowers:

The history of gifting flowers goes back to hundreds of years ago. The evidence exists that gifting flowers have been an important part of culture since the Middle Ages. The Ancient Greeks, Romans, Chinese and Egyptians were believed to use flowers as a way of communication in their stories and myths. In fact, Greeks considered flowers to be of great importance and associated them with Gods.

The significance of flowers increased during the mid-1700s when the English & French visited Turkey. During their visit to Turkey, they learned that there is an entirely new language dedicated to flowers called ‘Floriography.’ According to this floral language, each flower had a different meaning. So, the Victorian culture created its own meaning for each flower known at that time.

In the Victorian Era, people did not believe in expressing their feelings and emotions. They discovered the language of flowers as an acceptable form of expressing emotions and sentiments. In fact, the way flowers were offered and received during the Victorian Era held different meanings. For example, if someone presented a flower upside down that was interpreted as the exact opposite of the original meaning.

Apart from amazing and appealing history, there are some mind-blowing facts about flowers that you can read further.

  • Roses have an exclusive part called rose hips, which is a berry fruit. They are used to make teas or jellies as they are loaded with Vitamin C.
  • Broccoli is a flower, which is harvested before the flower buds fully open and eaten as a vegetable.
  • A 32,000-year-old extinct Arctic flower was restored to life using seeds found by an Ice Age squirrel.
  • During World War II, tulip bulbs were claimed to taste awful and dry. Still, many people ate them to satiate hunger. Some families even used tulips in place of onions.
  • The juice from the bluebell flowers was historically used to make glue.
  • The color of hydrangeas is determined by the acidity of the soil they are planted in. If the alkalinity of the soil is high, it will result in pink hydrangeas.
  • The sunflower stems were used to fill life jackets. In fact, the floating sunflower rafts have been used to clean up water pollution from the Chernobyl disaster. The roots of the sunflowers can remove up to 95% radioactivity by removing the contaminants from the water.
  • Queen Victoria loved flowers so much that she wore an orange floral wreath instead of the expected crown. The lavish floral arrangements were used at her wedding decoration that made wedding flowers a must have for all brides.
  • The beautiful dark burgundy flowers called chocolate cosmos smell exactly like chocolate.
  • A Sumatran native flower called titan arum ​is the world’s smelliest flower that is said to emit a stink similar to that of a dead body.
  • The gas plants emit a colorless gas on humid, warm nights, which are said to be ignitable with a lit match.
  • The agave plant is often called ‘the century plant’ because it can flourish for years on end without growing any flowers. At the end of its life, this plant produces a single flower and dies.

The name is an important part of our identity. Something that people ask when they meet us for the first time. It stays with us from the moment of birth till we die. Therefore, choosing a beautiful name for your baby girl is of great importance.

The names inspired by flowers are quite graceful and feminine. They are pleasant to hear and give an impression of something pure and delicate. So why not name your baby girl after flowers. Here are a few important points that will help you choose an appropriate flower’s name for your newborn daughter.

Understand The Flower’s Meaning

Each flower carries different meanings. Like, the rose symbolizes delicacy and beauty, which is actually a beautiful name to give to your little one. Lily signifies femininity and innocence, which is also considered the symbol of purity in Christianity. In fact, there are several famous actresses and celebrities named after this flower, like Lily Collins, Lily Allen, Lily Tomlin, Lily Cole, and many more. Similarly, daisy connotes love, beauty, and new beginnings, which is also a famous girl’s name of English origin.

The Personal Significance of Certain Flower in Your Life

Is there any personal significance of a certain flower in your life? Like the first flower that you received from your partner on your first date. Or the flowers used for the decoration at your wedding. Or maybe a flower that both you and your spouse like the most. Consider choosing flowers that are special and close to your heart.

The Birth Month of the Baby

Do you know there are different birth flowers for each month? And each of them is related to wonderful stories. So, you can also choose a flower name based on the month when your baby is due. Like, the birth flower for the month of February is Iris, which symbolizes faith, courage, and wisdom. Daisy is the birth flower of April month and Lily for May. This way you’ll have plenty of options when choosing a flower name for your baby girl based on her birth month.

Qualities You Want To Inspire in Your Baby

It is important to consider qualities or values you want to inspire in your baby girl before picking a flower name for her. For example, if you aspire your kid to be loving, content, and patient in life, then Aster would be an ideal name that signifies all these qualities. If you desire your baby girl turns out to be a beautiful person with a pure and innocent heart, then you can name her Lily that signifies these qualities. Selecting names with substantial meanings will nurture her personality in a beautiful way and give an idea about who she really is.

Here is a list of unique and popular flower names for baby girls :-

  • Rose
  • Lily
  • Iris
  • Jasmine
  • Holly
  • Daisy
  • Ivy
  • Heather
  • Violet
  • Dahlia
  • Lilah
  • Aster

We really hope these tips help you choose a wonderful flower name for your baby girl.


Flowers have always been a popular way to express deep emotions of love, care, appreciation, and gratitude. And that’s the reason they play an important role in gifting on birthday, anniversary, and traditional festivals.

On many occasions, you must have noticed people using flower sayings to express themselves. In fact, some floral phrases are so popular that they live at the tip of our tongue and become a part of our regular conversations.

So we have compiled a list of famous flower phrases to let you know what exactly they mean.

Coming up roses

When you say that everything is ‘coming up roses’ for someone or everything in your life is ‘coming up roses’ that means things are going pretty well.


Also commonly called ‘ups-a-Daisy’ or ‘oopsy Daisy’ the phrase is generally used to encourage little ones to get up and put a smile back after they had fallen. Often use for someone who keeps bumping them into objects and getting hurt. The phrase was earlier used as a way to express surprise or disappointment at one’s own mistakes or errors.

Stop and smell the roses

There come stressful situations in life when you lose heart and stop cherishing the little yet important things in life. That’s when you need to tell yourself to ‘stop and smell the roses’ that means it’s time to take a break from your busy schedule and take some time to enjoy the little things in life and appreciate the beauty of nature.

I never promised you a rose garden

This phrase is generally used as a response after being blamed by someone for a situation that didn’t live up to their expectations. It means you never gave that person a false hope about a positive outcome, so he/she shouldn’t be complaining about it.

Fresh as a Daisy

If someone calls you ‘fresh as a daisy’ that means you are looking very good that day. This saying is related to the behavior of the flower that closes its petals every night and opens back when the morning arrives looking fresh and ready to take in the sun.

Pushing daisies

The phrase ‘pushing daisies’ refers to a person who has passed away. It originated as a slang used by British soldiers during World War I to refer to their dead countrymen.

Nip it in the bud

If you nip a flower when it’s still a bud so it prevents the flower from blooming. The phrase ‘nip it in the bud’ means to end something at an early stage before it gets worse or difficult to manage, such as a bad habit.

Every Rose has its Thorns

It is a universal fact that nothing in life is perfect or flawless. Even the most beautiful things in life come with their fair share of flaws. The phrase ‘every rose has its thorns’ denote that even rose, the most beautiful and admired flower has flaws- the prickly thorns that can pierce the flesh.

 April showers bring May flowers

The phrase means that something good may happen as a result of unpleasant events or that a period of worry can provide the basis for a period of happiness.

Laid out in lavender

It means to prepare a dead body to be buried. In old times, lavender petals were scattered over and around a dead body to cover its rotting smell.


A rose speaks of love silently in a language known only to the heart. – Adier Palmer

When it comes to woo your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day or wish your wife on a romantic occasion like wedding anniversary, a beautiful bouquet of velvety roses is the first thing that comes to your mind. After all, there is no flower as enchanting as a rose that declares the feeling of love, passion, and desire in the best manner.


Did you know that the number of roses you receive from your special someone held hidden meanings? Further, we’ll explain what the different numbers of roses mean.

Single Rose: A single rose indicates ‘love at first sight.’

Two Roses: Two roses are perfect to give a person with whom you share the mutual feeling of love and affection. It shows that you two are deeply in love with each other.

Three Roses: Three roses are considered the perfect three-month anniversary gift that simply means ‘I Love You.’

Six Roses: When you are infatuated with someone, a bunch of six roses conveys that you wish to be theirs. Be it a crush or mature love, six roses are best to please that special someone in your life.

Nine Roses: A beautiful bouquet of nine roses is best to make the commitment of a lifetime and convey your eternal love for your beloved by saying ‘I want to be with you forever.’

10 Roses: Gifting someone 10 roses is the most powerful way to say that ‘they are perfect.’

12 Roses: A bouquet or bunch of a dozen roses is perfect to gift someone you are fond of and ask them to be yours forever.

13 Roses: Gifting someone 13 roses mean you’ll be friends with them forever. While it is also said if roses are presented to you in the number of 13 that means you have a secret admirer.

15 Roses: 15 roses means ‘I am sorry.’ If you have to apologize to your beloved or a dear friend, then ask for their forgiveness with 15 roses.

20 Roses: With a bouquet of 20 roses, you can convey your sincere love for that special someone in your life. It will keep the love intact between you two.

21 Roses: 21 roses signify the hidden message ‘I am dedicated to you.’ With a bouquet or arrangement of 21 roses, you can show your commitment towards your beloved.

24 Roses: When you have to tell someone ‘I am yours’, do it with a bouquet of two dozen roses in the most classic manner.

25 Roses: 25 roses are best to send across the message of congratulations to your loved ones on getting a new job, buying a new house, starting a new business, or having a baby.

36 Roses: Gifting your partner three dozen roses is the best way to tell that you’re head over heels in love with them and remember all the romantic moments you have shared together.

40 Roses: Gifting someone an arrangement of 40 roses is a grand gesture to express that your love for them is genuine.

50+ Roses: A luxurious bouquet or arrangement of 50 roses or more than that convey your limitless love for your loved one. An unconditional love that knows no bounds!

There is no sight as appealing than flowers in full bloom. An epitome of beauty and freshness, they spread happiness and have a positive effect on our mood. They really boost up our energy levels and decreases the feelings of depression and anxiety.