Gifts for Mother-in-law


Every person shares a different relationship with their mother. But love is a common factor that binds every mother-child bond.

No matter how much you argue with your mom or how different your views are from hers, nothing can change the fact that she is the epitome of love and care who makes your life worth living. From wiping your tears and holding your hand to soothing your soul and offering the best advice, your mom has done everything.

This Mother’s Day put a smile on your mom’s face with exciting gifts and show how much you appreciate her. Each mom is different and so are their preferences. Therefore, we have listed below Mother’s Day gift ideas for different types of moms.

  1. Sentimental Mom

Sentimental Mom

She is the one who cries at the blink of an eye. She can’t even imagine you staying away from home for a single night. Well, she just cannot make peace with the fact that you’ll go away for studies one day. Just the thought of it is enough to make her shed buckets of tears. Give her the gift of memory with a cute photo frame or personalised cushion that always make her feel closer to you.

  1. Environmentalist Mom

Environmentalist Mom

Well, she loves nature and everything about it. Add some cheer to your environmentalist mom’s day with green plants, jute bag, or cruelty-free bath products. These green and eco-friendly gifts will definitely make Mother’s Day celebration special for your environmentalist mom and always keep her closer to nature.

  1. Fitness Freak Mom

Fitness Freak Mom

Gyming, healthy food, exercise, and fitness are a few words that you mostly get to hear from a fitness freak mom. Missing the workout session is equivalent to the crime in her dictionary. A fitness band, hamper of organic food items, and membership of Zumba classes are the best gift ideas to make this mom happy and help her stay fit always.

  1. Book-Loving Mom

Book-Loving Mom

She loves reading. And she was the first one who introduced you to the beautiful world of books and changed your life forever. We are sure you still miss those childhood story sessions before bedtime that you used to enjoy with your mom. Well, Kindle or lifetime subscription to the books by her favorite author would make an ideal Mother’s Day gift for the book-loving mom.

  1. Traveler Mom

Traveler Mom

She loves to travel and before she finishes her one trip the preparations for another trip are already in the pipeline. Be it business or personal tours, unplanned trips are her favorite and nothing makes her happier than exploring new places. Travel organizer, waterproof camera, and insulated water bottle will make great gifts for traveler moms.

  1. Fashionista Mom

Fashionista Mom

From clothes and shoes to accessories and hairstyle, her fashion game is always on point. Her elegant and trendy fashion style can put anyone to shame. And she is always the first one to browse malls during sale season. This Mother’s Day, spoil your fashionista mom with an exquisite perfume, designer earrings or a dress. Receiving the gifts of her choice will make your fashionista mom happy.

  1. Master Chef Mom

Master Chef Mom

She is the one who cooks up a storm in the kitchen. Baked with fresh ingredients and seasoned with love, all her cooked dishes taste delicious and there is no repetition of boring food items. At least, not within a week. Surprise this mom with advanced cooking tools or a book of recipes. For her, food is life and it is above everything.

  1. Tech Savvy Mom

Tech Savvy Mom

This internet mom shops, pay bills, learn, teach, and does most of her work online. She is always updated about the latest mobile technology and she is omnipresent on all social media platforms. Well, tech gadgets like Amazon Echo, 360-degree camera, or smart coffee maker would be best to fancy your tech-savvy mom on Mother’s Day.

  1. Social Mom

Social Mom

She loves attending parties and meeting new people. Having a heart to heart conversation with fellow mommies keeps her energetic throughout the day. From planning tea parties to starting a new mommy group on Facebook, a social mom can take care of all this within the snap of a finger. Get her enrolled in a baking class or salsa class or a mother’s group where she can meet new people and be more socially active.

  1. Super Mom

Super Mom

An enthusiast mom who can be anything her child imagines her to be. She is a fine cook, wonderful teacher, cool driver, best fashion consultant, and an amazing person who has solutions for all your problems and can never see you sad. A personalised mug or T-shirt with ‘Super Mom’ tag will make an excellent Mother’s Day gift for her that will definitely put a smile on her face.

Mother-in-Laws have always been a hard to please personalities not because they are not satisfied with what you do but, they always want to see the best version of you. Your relationship with her is fun where you slowly get to know her while making mistakes and making up for it with showing some cooking skills. But, you still have not got much time to spend quality time with her you could still do something that could make the bond grow. Online gifts delivery to Bangalore has got you the chance to get connected to her with the most ravishing boxes that you can come up with and of course, BookMyFlowers would give you the apt one to go with.

1. Pretty pouches with earrings: Pink and blue colored pouches with lovely words printed on them will carry the earrings that you have purchased. This is an ideal one if you have known her to be up to date with the latest fashion or likes mix and match accessories.

2. Cushions: The easiest yet lovely way of gifting is send a cushion in fashionable color and prints that she can keep around as a beautiful reminder. This is the comfy way to make her see your care and affection.

3. Tasteful jars: These jars would carry healthy wishes along with a lucky bamboo plant to complete the look. Raisins and pista jars would add healthy delights to her days.

4. Grooming kit: She is a working lady and like to keep herself well groomed well, we have got the natural grooming kit with branded items to offer her some relaxed hours during the weekends.

5. Dazzling photo frame: Honor her royal choices and complement it with an artistically done frame finished in silver for a regal surprise coming her way. This would help in sending gifts to mother in law in Bangalore with happening items that would go to wish her well.

6. Soothing planter: This can be a thoughtful one as plants are there to soothe the senses. Wrap up this planter in white pot with money plant to wish her well and she would love this hearty gesture.

7. Fresh morning hamper: The basket has all that could give her a morning a refreshing touch. With honey, green tea, snack box and a frame you can set up the morning table to see her smile.

8. Turner with recipe tags: Something to take her heart through the kitchen way, is this turner that comes with few recipe tags. A really pleasing one this can definitely get the message of love and togetherness.

With all these options you can at least have a box ready for this year’s occasion or festival when you want to send gifts for mother in law. So, get ready to see some appreciation coming your way as you pamper her with the ideal boxes.