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Every person shares a different relationship with their mother. But love is a common factor that binds every mother-child bond.

No matter how much you argue with your mom or how different your views are from hers, nothing can change the fact that she is the epitome of love and care who makes your life worth living. From wiping your tears and holding your hand to soothing your soul and offering the best advice, your mom has done everything.

This Mother’s Day put a smile on your mom’s face with exciting gifts and show how much you appreciate her. Each mom is different and so are their preferences. Therefore, we have listed below Mother’s Day gift ideas for different types of moms.

  1. Sentimental Mom

Sentimental Mom

She is the one who cries at the blink of an eye. She can’t even imagine you staying away from home for a single night. Well, she just cannot make peace with the fact that you’ll go away for studies one day. Just the thought of it is enough to make her shed buckets of tears. Give her the gift of memory with a cute photo frame or personalised cushion that always make her feel closer to you.

  1. Environmentalist Mom

Environmentalist Mom

Well, she loves nature and everything about it. Add some cheer to your environmentalist mom’s day with green plants, jute bag, or cruelty-free bath products. These green and eco-friendly gifts will definitely make Mother’s Day celebration special for your environmentalist mom and always keep her closer to nature.

  1. Fitness Freak Mom

Fitness Freak Mom

Gyming, healthy food, exercise, and fitness are a few words that you mostly get to hear from a fitness freak mom. Missing the workout session is equivalent to the crime in her dictionary. A fitness band, hamper of organic food items, and membership of Zumba classes are the best gift ideas to make this mom happy and help her stay fit always.

  1. Book-Loving Mom

Book-Loving Mom

She loves reading. And she was the first one who introduced you to the beautiful world of books and changed your life forever. We are sure you still miss those childhood story sessions before bedtime that you used to enjoy with your mom. Well, Kindle or lifetime subscription to the books by her favorite author would make an ideal Mother’s Day gift for the book-loving mom.

  1. Traveler Mom

Traveler Mom

She loves to travel and before she finishes her one trip the preparations for another trip are already in the pipeline. Be it business or personal tours, unplanned trips are her favorite and nothing makes her happier than exploring new places. Travel organizer, waterproof camera, and insulated water bottle will make great gifts for traveler moms.

  1. Fashionista Mom

Fashionista Mom

From clothes and shoes to accessories and hairstyle, her fashion game is always on point. Her elegant and trendy fashion style can put anyone to shame. And she is always the first one to browse malls during sale season. This Mother’s Day, spoil your fashionista mom with an exquisite perfume, designer earrings or a dress. Receiving the gifts of her choice will make your fashionista mom happy.

  1. Master Chef Mom

Master Chef Mom

She is the one who cooks up a storm in the kitchen. Baked with fresh ingredients and seasoned with love, all her cooked dishes taste delicious and there is no repetition of boring food items. At least, not within a week. Surprise this mom with advanced cooking tools or a book of recipes. For her, food is life and it is above everything.

  1. Tech Savvy Mom

Tech Savvy Mom

This internet mom shops, pay bills, learn, teach, and does most of her work online. She is always updated about the latest mobile technology and she is omnipresent on all social media platforms. Well, tech gadgets like Amazon Echo, 360-degree camera, or smart coffee maker would be best to fancy your tech-savvy mom on Mother’s Day.

  1. Social Mom

Social Mom

She loves attending parties and meeting new people. Having a heart to heart conversation with fellow mommies keeps her energetic throughout the day. From planning tea parties to starting a new mommy group on Facebook, a social mom can take care of all this within the snap of a finger. Get her enrolled in a baking class or salsa class or a mother’s group where she can meet new people and be more socially active.

  1. Super Mom

Super Mom

An enthusiast mom who can be anything her child imagines her to be. She is a fine cook, wonderful teacher, cool driver, best fashion consultant, and an amazing person who has solutions for all your problems and can never see you sad. A personalised mug or T-shirt with ‘Super Mom’ tag will make an excellent Mother’s Day gift for her that will definitely put a smile on her face.

While you plan out a special day for your mom on mother’s day as she has showered her love for you each day we would tell you what special do moms do to earn the gifts of love from you. Right from the very first idea of giving birth your mom starts keeping an eye on her own moves. The way she molds herself to be a mom is incredible that takes her from being carefree to being responsible. No doubt the amount of time she gives to the child is more than father and here’s how we have agreed on this for most of the cases:

1- Moms spend more time in cleaning up and other household chores with kids under 18 years of age as compared to dad. 2- Moms hardly get any leisure time and even if they do they mostly spend it by sitting beside the kids or playing with them. 3- Mostly, moms take leave from work to take care of the kids and claims that they are doing a good job as parent. 4- Moms spend more amount of time with their kids as compared to dads and agrees on difficulty in work-life balance after being a mom.

These factors are enough to say that moms are more likely to be their kid’s favorite when it comes to gift giving. Kids tend to spend more while gifting their moms as compared to dad in almost every other case. We look for interesting gifts for mom like spa treat, fine dining experience, saree or gadgets and even when we are away we buy mother’s day gifts online to get it delivered to her. As a way to appreciate what all she has done gifts reach with healthy wishes to honor moms. Gifts for father’s day includes gadgets, ties and cards that are common while thinking about items to gift wrap for dads.

Sure there is love in both the cases, but mother’s love is more towards the emotional side whereas father’s love is more towards the respect and looking up to factor. He has always taught you to be tough and handle all the troubles on your own which is nowhere wrong. But, somewhere the bonding goes missing. Fathers come at a very later stage and are mostly related to the understanding we hold for them. They also spend without expecting any return but what moms do goes deeps and fits rightly in the heart from the very beginning. While the dads are busy building a safe future moms nurture the baby, so, we cannot actually say that who deserves a gift better as they have their separate effective roles to play. Only that dads are included when our senses starts understanding and observing things.

It also depends on how you have known both of your parents in terms of liking and disliking. My dad for instance, is very particular about what he would like as a gift so, I keep shuffling between the items I can get. My mom on the other hand, is open to new things and colors mostly, show I can experiment there.

At the end, I would say you cannot actually say who has earned your gift, as both the parent have their own roles to play which are both inevitable and eventually, someone exceeds somewhere. After all, it’s your dad who pays for all your gala time and guides you to deal with life. So, getting a gift for both of them each year is the least you could do.

Have you ever observed your mom closely enough to know how she has changed her interest in the coming years? If not, before this mother’s day knocks the door start noticing what keeps her busy apart from of course listening to you. Changing of interest happens to everyone and mom, out of all are curious enough to try out the new things. My mom, for instance is fascinated with whatSapp and now that I have got her on Snap chat, and I love how enthusiastic she gets while trying all the features. Apart from doing the regulars, moms are in this habit of doing different things each day and mine, just does not rest. I am sure most of your mom’s also have different interests for every day as they happen to be good in whatever they choose to do. So, we have got gifts categories to honor the 9 attributes for your first gift from god.

1. Gifts for chocolate lover mom: Celebrate the sweet cravings of your mom, mother-in-law or wife with nuts draped in chocolate and pure dark indulgence. The differently shaped homemade chocolates are also there for delighting the palate. With perfect packaging and classy appeal these chocolates are going to see the remarkable acceptance. A good way to strike a conversation with your mother- in law, change the mood of your wife and give your mom a relishing escape these, chocolates would prove the best wrap up.

2. Gifts for fashionable mom: Fashion means different ways to different women and if talk about moms, they mostly associate colors to fashion. Be it a lipstick shade, saree or stole, they always want to experiment with new colors. Get a new color for her wardrobe this mother’s day and see her glow in happiness of the gift. Jewelry, beauty kit and hampers are there in different colors and presentation to keep them engaged.

3. Gifts for food lover mom: Not only do moms cook well, they occasionally or often want to eat good as well. We have got the sorted hampers with few minutes in the kitchen to make evenings less tiring and more indulging. After running back from office they could give least of time to enjoy the best meals with good health. Oats poha, cookies, dry fruits, olives, and spices tray are here to enhance the flavors for all the meal hours.

4. Gifts for home maker mom: All moms are home makers and like to toss few colors now and then to keep the liveliness alive. All you need to do is give her the colors to play with and she would know the best fit for the interiors. The artificial arrangements and cushions are the best way to encourage the interiors decorator in her.

5. Gifts for nature lover mom: In case, it skipped your eyes, your mom do likes to spend time in the garden or maybe she has her kitchen garden for the daily reach outs. Help decorating it, with the creative pots and succulents that we have got for you. The vases and buckets are colorful to make it look pleasing and little different.

6. Gifts for new mom: Your wife, friend, relative or sister who has just been blessed with a baby is excited to live this new relationship. Add on to the enthusiasm with the appropriate gifts for mom and child. The grooming kits and essentials for baby and the relaxing session for mom would be a quick and witty present.

7. Gifts for religious mom: Moms always want something for their kids. They always have wished well and ask well and worry free living for their child. It is your time to gift her a well blessed life with lucky bamboo plants, idols and hanging bells.

8. Gifts for working mom: Some moms are ambitious enough to keep a balance between work and life. To make the schedule less hassled you can give a smart contribution in the kitchen, car or cabin. Coasters, aprons, organizers, clutches and office essentials like make up kit and stoles are here to give a well-planned week.

9. Gifts for pampering mom: As a gesture of patting her back for what all role she plays in your life form being a guide to a cook and a friend just pick a cute little offering to pamper her. She would not take it as pampering but would be touched by this little effort. With personalized gifts and greeting cards one can actually write the wishes in their own word.

For all that she supports your for and fulfills eight out of ten wishes without a miss you just have to add to her one interest. She is the only person who copes up with all your daily tantrums so, be a part of her hobby and preferences. Now, you know what to do and where to find gifts to bribe her to protect you from dad’s scolding.

Every year kids look for thousand different ideas that could express their love for mom. As creative as thoughtful and as lovely these ideas are thoroughly thought and as convincing. This article is lists out the fresh ones that will definitely match their idea of expressing their love for mom.

Love for mom is unconditional exactly, like hers. But, often it misses out on expression. Kids do their bit to make her feel loved and special in number of ways. But, what truly touches her heart are the gestures that are displayed out. With all the caught up schedule and moving away to different cities, kids hardly get any time to express heart to heart. Gifts here play a major part in getting those feelings to her and so, mother’s day has become so important in these years. They want to leave no stone unturned when it comes to finding the right gift. A gift that is useful, perfect and says that the love and bond is still strong. Kids can send gifts to India for mom with these favorite picks here:

Morning can be happening with a right basket kept beside her to wish her for a healthy life. This basket has cornflakes, oats, breakfast bar, twinning’s flavored tea and green tea bags. All these items says about healthy living and makes up for a right hamper for mom. This is very thoughtful with the items that have been planned.

Next comes, the rest that she needs to get and for this one day she can leave the worries at bay. Though she wouldn’t stop but, at least you could do is remind her to live for herself for once. A door tag that says ‘mom deserves a rest at least one day a year’ does it just right. You can keep an eye while she rests.

Some pampering is a must and for that this jar does all the work. The jar has all the pampering essentials to let her have the day off doing what she likes while looking and feeling good.

An apron to salute her personality and the woman that she is. The strong headed beauty will love the apron that says it all with ‘messy bun and getting things done’. A very remarkable addition to her kitchen collection.

Dream catcher should be a part of every room and being. She needs to have the perfect scenes in her room and the feathers and beads will give it a refreshing appeal. As they love to include newness in the interiors every now and then, this one is a right choice to go with.

Hanging with words of love and appreciation is a hearty addition to her room. Even when away one can be as expressive with this one done right.

With these gift ideas, this year’s mother’s day will have something new and fashionable with ample love that one wants to express. The job of finding the right gift has been done and one just needs to send it in time for a perfect celebration.


Rudyard Kipling once said, “God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.” Absolutely, the importance, contribution and efforts of a mother can’t be explained in few words. She is the epitome of selfless love, complete dedication, unmatched devotion and the symbol of untiring courage. Due to these outstanding qualities, a mother deserves the highest regard, respect and admiration from everyone. Further, in order to give international recognition to the efforts and contribution of a mother, a special day known as Mother’s Day is celebrated across the world. People use this special occasion to bestow wonderful gifts and surprises on their beloved mother in order to make her feel special. If you want to give a special treatment to your adorable mom by giving her a memorable surprise on Mother’s Day, here are the various gift ideas for you as listed below:

Prepare a morning breakfast- Your mother does the daily household chores for the entire family without taking a day off from her duties. Why not give her a little happiness and comfort for a day by preparing her favourite breakfast on the occasion of Mother’s Day? It will be a perfect break for your mom and she will remember it as an excellent surprise on the special occasion of Mother’s Day.

Prepare Food

A story telling photo album- Describe the beautiful and inspiring journey of your loving mom through a lovely photo album. Collect old amazing pictures of your mom from different stages of her life and caption them with beautiful messages or quotes. This fun activity will definitely make your mom feel nostalgic and it will be a special gift for mother without any doubt.

story telling album

Complete her unfinished project- There may be numerous tasks and activities which your mother had undertaken due to her interests but was unable to complete them due to her family responsibilities and obligations. Those activities could be an unfinished sweater, painting, clay moulding art, scrap art or other such tasks. Give your mom a wonderful surprise on Mother’s Day by completing these unfinished activities and gifting them as a special token of love and appreciation.

Home décor items- A home is incomplete without the presence of a loving mother who makes it a cozy and comfortable place for her family members. Help your adorable mom in this difficult task by buying amazing home décor items such as a wall hanging, flower vase, carpet, personalized photo frame, Feng Shui items and others. These outstanding gift ideas for Mother’s Day are certainly going to revamp the interiors of your home without any doubt.


Book a spa session- On this occasion of Mother’s Day, pamper your adorable mom in a wonderful manner by booking a spa appointment for her. It will help her get instant relief from stress and anxiety which will be a perfect way of relaxation for your lovely mother.

spa Tharapy

A compilation of her favourite novels- Is your mother a true bibliophile? It is time to give a compilation of her favourite novels as a special gift on this important day that can make your mom feel special and loved. Your mother will definitely appreciate your gift choice and it will be a wonderful way to spend her leisure time.


A coffee maker- Coffee is one of the few things that initiates the day of a number of people and your mother is addicted to the taste of caffeine in the morning. Take her indulgence to another level by gifting her a coffee maker that can provide the perfectly brewed cup of coffee instantly.

Coffee Maker

Electronic gadget- Surprise your adorable mother by buying a fantastic electronic gadget for her on this special day. You can choose to order an e-book reader, power bank, smart phone, wireless headphones and other such items that can delight your beloved mother effortlessly.


So, don’t ruin the celebration of Mother’s Day and buy the perfect gift for your beloved mother without any further delay. Take the help of these extraordinary gift ideas and give a memorable surprise to your mom on this special day.