Valentine’s Day is all about giving and receiving love. While there are plenty of options to express love and affection, nothing works like romantic gifts.

But in this ever-changing world, sticking to flowers and greeting cards for the sake of romantic gifts wouldn’t work. You need something unique and creative like personalised gifts to leave an everlasting impression on your partner.

Still confused about what to choose from the plenty of personalised gifting options available out there? Let us help you. We are ready with our thinking caps and have created a list of the best personalised gift ideas to help you win the heart of your partner on Valentine’s Day

Personalised LED Cushion

You can get your beloved’s picture printed on the personalised LED cushion, which will lit up on pressing and brighten up his/her life with the light of your love. Apart from offering the comfort of your love, the cushion will also enhance the décor of your beloved’s house in a great manner. You can also get your partner’s name or little message printed on the cushion to make the gift more special.

Personalised Jewelry Trinket Box

Jewelry is of utmost importance for women. Therefore, it is equally important for them to keep their precious jewelry safe in one place. You can delight the heart of your girlfriend/wife by gifting her a personalised jewelry trinket box on Valentine’s Day. With her name engraved on the box, this present will definitely make her feel special and loved.

Personalised Wine Glasses

Wine and celebrations go hand in hand. If your boyfriend/husband is a huge wine-lover, then take his fondness for wine to a whole new level by gifting him personalised wine glasses on Valentine’s Day. You can only imagine the level of his happiness on receiving such a thoughtful gift. Having personalised wine glasses is something that he would love to flaunt in front of guests and friends during house parties. And every sip of wine he takes from those glasses will remind him of the romantic moments spent with you.

Personalised Photo Frame

Taking photographs is the best way to seize the most beautiful moments of your life forever. And by displaying them in photo frames, you can relive the beautiful moments from the past whenever you want. Gift your beloved personalised photo frame this Valentine’s Day to help them arrange the most treasured memories of their life in a special way.

Personalised Gold Plated Rose

Roses are the epitome of love and romance, which is why they are the most gifted items for Valentine’s Day. But the sad part is, natural rose starts wilting in a few days and eventually die. Gift a personalised gold-plated rose to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day as a symbol of your eternal love. With her name engraved on the charm attached to the gold-plated rose, it will make a timeless and thoughtful gift for your lady love them she will treasure forever close to her heart.

The personalised gift ideas mentioned above are best to say “I Love You” to your partner and make them feel truly loved.

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Apart from the start of a new month, 1st August marks the National Girlfriend’s Day celebrated by girls to cherish their bond of friendship. They hang out, spend quality time, and share a good laugh together on this special day. Girls exchange gifts, party hard and make beautiful memories with their friends to cherish forever. After all, girlfriends are your go-to person who knows best how to make you laugh, wipe your tears, and keep your secrets safe. Apart from your besties, you can also celebrate this day with the females with whom you share a special bond and who are really close to your heart, such as the mom, sister, cousin, colleague or school friend, etc.

Important Facts about National Girlfriend’s Day

The National Girlfriend’s Day was created by a social networking website, Sisterwoman.com that no longer exists. This website was created by Allie Savarino and Sally Rodgers in 2006 that received a huge attention from people and it was highlighted by the Washington Times. The goal was to create a social networking where women can discuss several issues ranging from health to parenting and dating to their favorite TV shows.

Reasons to Celebrate National Girlfriend’s Day

The National Girlfriend’s Day is celebrated to appreciate the beautiful, confident, and talented girls around who inspires and motivates you in different ways. It can be anyone like your mother, sister, classmate, friend, partner or a colleague who makes your life better with their efforts. This whole world has no meaning without the presence of girls. With their love, care, and nurturing nature, they add a meaning to the life of the people connected to them. The National Girlfriend’s Day is perfect to tell the girls around you that their presence cannot be neglected as they are the creators of life. On this Day, the girls spend some time with their own self and pamper themselves in a great manner. In fact, girls also share photos and stories about their girlfriends on Twitter and Instagram using the using the famous hashtag #NationalGirlfriendDay.

5 Amazing Gift Ideas for Your Sweet Girlfriends

Flowers- These beautiful creations of God are the perfect gift for your lovely girlfriends who add more love and beauty to your life. You can choose from the ravishing flower bouquets and mesmerizing floral arrangements available online to make the girlfriends day quite special and memorable for your friends.

 Chocolates- Chocolates are everyone’s favorite and girls love to relish them all day long. So be it a bouquet of exotic and yummy chocolates or a hamper filled with assorted chocolates, they are enough to put a big smile on the lovely face of your girlfriends out there.

Personalized Cushions– The personalized items make the entire process of gift giving quite interesting that creates a sense of belonging among your loved ones. Gifting your girlfriend a soft personalized cushion with a memorable picture of you two on it will definitely melt her heart to the core and make her feel closer to you.

Perfume– They say you are never fully dressed without perfume. Help your girlfriend ooze charm wherever she goes by gifting her an exotic perfume on the girlfriend’s day. The enchanting fragrance will not only enhance her personality but also make the heads turn everywhere she goes.

Lucky Bamboo Plant– Gifting plants to your loved ones on festivals and special occasions are the best ways to introduce the concept of green gifting among people. With a lucky bamboo plant, wish your girlfriend a lot of prosperity and happiness in life. This plant will also adorn her house and fill it will positive energy.

This National Girlfriend’s Day, leave no stone unturned to make all your girlfriends feel loved and care. Tell them how much you appreciate their presence in your life and how lucky you feel to have them as a crucial part of your life.