Mother’s Day Flowers


Carnations are the bright and beautiful blossoms widely known for their fluffy petals and delicate fragrance. Available in pretty shades of red, pink, white, yellow, and purple, carnations symbolize deep love, fascination, and distinction in a perfect way.

Another important emotion that carnations represent – a mother’s undying love. Which makes them the perfect flowers for Mother’s Day. With Mother’s Day approaching, you definitely need something unique and thoughtful to show love and respect for your loving mom. There cannot be anything better than a mesmerizing bunch or bouquet of fresh and bright carnations to express gratitude towards your mom who made this world a better place for you.

People often wonder that there are several beautiful blossoms out there, so what is so unique about carnations that make them an ideal choice for Mother’s Day? Well, read further to know about the history, how carnations became the official flowers for Mother’s Day and know the important reasons that make them perfect blossoms to honor moms around the world and pamper them with great love, care, respect, and attention.

History – Carnations were first made part of this important day by Mother’s Day founder, Anna Jarvis herself. In 1907, during the first Mother’s Day memorial service, she distributed 500 white carnations, which were also her mother’s favorite flowers. Since then, carnations have been long-standing traditional flowers for Mother’s Day.

  • The scientific name of carnations is Dianthus Caryophyllus. In Greek, Dianthus translates to ‘flower of God’ and on earth mom is literally God for her kids that make these flowers the perfect choice for Mother’s Day bouquet.
  • According to Christian legends, pink carnations were first grown on the ground where Virgin Mary shed tears over Jesus’s death, which is why these blossoms are considered the symbol of mother’s eternal love and widely gifted on Mother’s Day.
  • Pink carnations primarily represent fondness and protective motherly love that’s why they are often gifted on Mother’s Day to express gratitude towards moms for their deep and unconditional love.
  • White carnations stand for purity, love, peace, and good fortune. According to Anna Jarvis, all these qualities symbolize the virtues of motherhood that make white carnations the symbol of Mother’s Day. They also represent the love that cannot be shared like a mother’s love and also used to honor the mother who has passed away.
  • Red carnations are associated with feelings of love and admiration, which are believed to be a gift for mothers who are still alive.

Along with love and meaningful gifts, don’t forget to tell your mom that she means the world to you and without her care and support your life wouldn’t be the same.