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A rose speaks of love silently in a language known only to the heart. – Adier Palmer

When it comes to woo your girlfriend on Valentine’s Day or wish your wife on a romantic occasion like wedding anniversary, a beautiful bouquet of velvety roses is the first thing that comes to your mind. After all, there is no flower as enchanting as a rose that declares the feeling of love, passion, and desire in the best manner.


Did you know that the number of roses you receive from your special someone held hidden meanings? Further, we’ll explain what the different numbers of roses mean.

Single Rose: A single rose indicates ‘love at first sight.’

Two Roses: Two roses are perfect to give a person with whom you share the mutual feeling of love and affection. It shows that you two are deeply in love with each other.

Three Roses: Three roses are considered the perfect three-month anniversary gift that simply means ‘I Love You.’

Six Roses: When you are infatuated with someone, a bunch of six roses conveys that you wish to be theirs. Be it a crush or mature love, six roses are best to please that special someone in your life.

Nine Roses: A beautiful bouquet of nine roses is best to make the commitment of a lifetime and convey your eternal love for your beloved by saying ‘I want to be with you forever.’

10 Roses: Gifting someone 10 roses is the most powerful way to say that ‘they are perfect.’

12 Roses: A bouquet or bunch of a dozen roses is perfect to gift someone you are fond of and ask them to be yours forever.

13 Roses: Gifting someone 13 roses mean you’ll be friends with them forever. While it is also said if roses are presented to you in the number of 13 that means you have a secret admirer.

15 Roses: 15 roses means ‘I am sorry.’ If you have to apologize to your beloved or a dear friend, then ask for their forgiveness with 15 roses.

20 Roses: With a bouquet of 20 roses, you can convey your sincere love for that special someone in your life. It will keep the love intact between you two.

21 Roses: 21 roses signify the hidden message ‘I am dedicated to you.’ With a bouquet or arrangement of 21 roses, you can show your commitment towards your beloved.

24 Roses: When you have to tell someone ‘I am yours’, do it with a bouquet of two dozen roses in the most classic manner.

25 Roses: 25 roses are best to send across the message of congratulations to your loved ones on getting a new job, buying a new house, starting a new business, or having a baby.

36 Roses: Gifting your partner three dozen roses is the best way to tell that you’re head over heels in love with them and remember all the romantic moments you have shared together.

40 Roses: Gifting someone an arrangement of 40 roses is a grand gesture to express that your love for them is genuine.

50+ Roses: A luxurious bouquet or arrangement of 50 roses or more than that convey your limitless love for your loved one. An unconditional love that knows no bounds!

Valentine’s Day is all about giving and receiving love. While there are plenty of options to express love and affection, nothing works like romantic gifts.

But in this ever-changing world, sticking to flowers and greeting cards for the sake of romantic gifts wouldn’t work. You need something unique and creative like personalised gifts to leave an everlasting impression on your partner.

Still confused about what to choose from the plenty of personalised gifting options available out there? Let us help you. We are ready with our thinking caps and have created a list of the best personalised gift ideas to help you win the heart of your partner on Valentine’s Day

Personalised LED Cushion

You can get your beloved’s picture printed on the personalised LED cushion, which will lit up on pressing and brighten up his/her life with the light of your love. Apart from offering the comfort of your love, the cushion will also enhance the décor of your beloved’s house in a great manner. You can also get your partner’s name or little message printed on the cushion to make the gift more special.

Personalised Jewelry Trinket Box

Jewelry is of utmost importance for women. Therefore, it is equally important for them to keep their precious jewelry safe in one place. You can delight the heart of your girlfriend/wife by gifting her a personalised jewelry trinket box on Valentine’s Day. With her name engraved on the box, this present will definitely make her feel special and loved.

Personalised Wine Glasses

Wine and celebrations go hand in hand. If your boyfriend/husband is a huge wine-lover, then take his fondness for wine to a whole new level by gifting him personalised wine glasses on Valentine’s Day. You can only imagine the level of his happiness on receiving such a thoughtful gift. Having personalised wine glasses is something that he would love to flaunt in front of guests and friends during house parties. And every sip of wine he takes from those glasses will remind him of the romantic moments spent with you.

Personalised Photo Frame

Taking photographs is the best way to seize the most beautiful moments of your life forever. And by displaying them in photo frames, you can relive the beautiful moments from the past whenever you want. Gift your beloved personalised photo frame this Valentine’s Day to help them arrange the most treasured memories of their life in a special way.

Personalised Gold Plated Rose

Roses are the epitome of love and romance, which is why they are the most gifted items for Valentine’s Day. But the sad part is, natural rose starts wilting in a few days and eventually die. Gift a personalised gold-plated rose to your sweetheart on Valentine’s Day as a symbol of your eternal love. With her name engraved on the charm attached to the gold-plated rose, it will make a timeless and thoughtful gift for your lady love them she will treasure forever close to her heart.

The personalised gift ideas mentioned above are best to say “I Love You” to your partner and make them feel truly loved.

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Gift giving is a two-way happiness. The recipient feels happy about getting fabulous presents while the sender receives a deep emotional satisfaction for making others smile. That’s the reason why gifting is an important trend for every festival and major occasion in every religion and tradition. But searching gifts for loved ones can be quite a tedious task as one needs to consider several factors including budget, preference, and the mood of the occasion. To make the gift hunting task a bit easier for you, we are suggesting here some timeless gift ideas for every occasion that will delight the heart of your friends and family and make them smile.



No matter what the occasion is you can never go wrong with fresh and ravishing flowers. They are the most beautiful, meaningful, and sentimental options for conveying love and emotions for your dear ones. Be it your beloved’s birthday, Mother’s Day, Friendship Day or dad’s retirement party, flowers have the ability to make every occasion memorable, touch the lives of your loved ones, and put a big smile on their face.

Photo Cakes

Photo Cakes

Once and for all Julia Child said it correct- A party without cake is just a meeting. And we cannot agree more to that. Be it the birthday party, anniversary celebration, baby shower or housewarming function, you can always show up with a cake for a guaranteed smile. And if the cake turns out to be a scrumptious, well-decorated photo cake, it is definitely going to make your loved ones feel on the top of the world while relishing their taste buds in the sweetest manner possible.

Personalised Gifts

Personalised Gifts

The gifts definitely bring an instant smile on recipient’s face but the personalised gifts leave an everlasting impression on the heart of your loved ones for a lifetime. They are considered perfect for every occasion and people of all age groups. The personalised gifts show that you put a thought behind choosing the gift that your loved ones treasure forever. Ranging from photo frames to coffee mugs and bottle lamps to key rings, there are a variety of personalised gifts that can be gifted on a number of occasions.

Home Décor Items

Home Décor Items

Whether you are invited to a house party, New Year celebration or anniversary function, gifting home décor items is always a safe choice. Apart from adorning the beauty of the house, they give a personality to it. They help create a warm welcoming environment while adding the dash of colors to the interiors of the house. From walls to entrance and bedroom to living space, there are a variety of options to decorate these areas in the house with stylish and elegant home décor items.



The accessory is a term used for a wide range of items, like watches, artificial jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, bracelets, etc. used by both men and women to enhance their overall look. So whenever you are in search of stylish gifts to impress your friends, siblings or beloved, accessories comes up the first. The not only help them keep their style game at the top but also grab attention for their top-notch style everywhere they go.

With the best timeless gift ideas mentioned above, you can easily turn every major occasion of your dear ones into a memorable affair.

Each one of us have their own definition of love and expressing it. Couples try and bring up new ways to do it right and gifts without a doubt become that mode through which the creative display is done. Romance is the key ingredient in any relation and gifts could be a good addition to it. Not just teddies, chocolates or flowers can do the magic but, boxes with a touch of care can equally charm them up. Here’s our latest pick of items that can turn out to be as romantic.

1. Beaded with love: This necklace in yellow is beaded with utmost perfection and yes, now you can have the confidence that would like your selection. Clean looking metal necklace could be a great addition to their wardrobe as they definitely keep the understanding of their fashion choices.

2. Healthy dose of love: Instead of chocolates a cute green tea hamper is as flavorsome for the health freaks. Match up to their daily diet schedule with a refreshing addition that would only tell that you care as much.

3. Morning love: Mugs happen to be our favorite because they are all-rounders. You could be specific with the prints that you pick though. Mug with dandelion printed on it sends a happy feeling early in the morning and can serve as the reason they smile as they pick it up every single day.

4. Draped in love: Colors play a measure role in relationship. A right color could make a right difference and tossing some beautiful ones in their wardrobe will complement their daily get up. Beautiful stoles with a chic combination of soap is a nice gesture when you want to gift just to celebrate your love.

5. Right way to love: If they love spending their leisure hours in kitchen, then something that they really are looking forward to are kitchen accessories. Well, we have got them right here for a perfect gift.

6. Cuddle filled of love: Shower some comfy cushions and you are sure to make it a hit in their heart. Easy to score these cushions have been brought in beautiful patterns, designs and colors. Sometimes, it just takes a thoughtful gift to say it like you mean it. If thoughts are involved, anything that you pick will make sense as a romantic gift.

This time while gifting her think about what she would like to have instead of going by what she is like. The little things that really matters and tiny reminders that you’re loved can nicely set a rhythm in their heart. A gift that would touch her soul and leave an everlasting impression is something that would make a real thoughtful gift from your side. It is like the little notes that you stick on the fridge, sofa, table and in the kitchen instructing them what to do and how to do it in your absence, can you instruct them for the time they miss you and want to get to you at that particular moment? I just got reminded of the movie P.S.I love you, wherein Gerry (Gerard Butler) does it for Holly (Hillary Swank) in order to help her find a way back to her life with the timely gifts. That’s what love is all about being there for each other even when you cannot be with them in person. That’s what we vowed for, isn’t it?

Gifts always are important at every stage of relationship and as you grow together you know what gifts would please them personally. Thoughtful gift for girlfriend rings the bell of her heart instantly as you could see the blush on her face and that momentarily break down that she undergoes all at once. The lite up expression that they acquire exactly as the scene in ‘The lost Valentine’ where she gets back the heart shaped card that she gave to her husband years after he is gone missing. These wonderfully romantic movie moments may sound unrealistic but the love they show is very much alive. Gifts that carry personally written words always are near to heart than the random gifts that we pick according to her personality. Personalized gifts conveys a lot more than just being a showpiece lying in some corner. The small token of affection are adorable and timeless, something you can always rely on comforting them in your absence.

The mixed feelings that she gets with just reading out the words or with just one look that she rests on the stole, mug, lamp, photo frames, cushions or bottled messages has contentment, comfort, relaxation, peace, love and togetherness everything rushing in. Love them for what they are and gift them what they would like to have as a gift from one heart to another. The most romantic gifts for girlfriend that you have been searching for is you so, why not present your love in your own words that they can relate to. Each day is special to gift when you are in love and saying “I love you” whenever you get a chance with surprise gifts for girlfriend is a way you could keep it happy and together forever with her.

Relationships only get stronger when you communicate and reciprocate and when you do it the thoughtful way it becomes a memory for both of you to go back to the times you made together. The faint smile that you get while thinking of the times when you look at them and they are already staring, these are the gifts that your heart welcomes, keep it preserved forever.

The beauty that you have brought into my life is beyond description, I hardly can express it in words. My heart speaks new language now”. – Emily Stimson