wedding gift ideas


With wedding season approaching, you may find yourself spending long hours online to shop for unique and long-lasting wedding gifts. After all, gifts are the best ways to commemorate your love and wishes for any newly married couple.

To make your journey of finding the perfect wedding gift tad bit easier, we bring to you some amazing wedding gift ideas. These gifts are so unique and thoughtful that every couple would appreciate gladly.

Art Work– An elegant décor item to gift to a newly married couple who loves and appreciates art. It will allow them to decorate their abode according to their taste. The classy artwork will add colors to their home and make it look more welcoming.

Art Work

Decorative Vases– The colorful glass and ceramic vases are easy to add charm, color, and dimensions to any living space. They give a vintage look to the interior décor and can be placed in different areas in the entire house like over the table, on wooden shelves, or bedside table.

Decorative Vases

Engraved Wine Bottle – An engraved wine bottle would make a stunning wedding gift for a newly married couple. It will never fail to make an everlasting impression on their big day and offer them a sweet keepsake to treasure for a lifetime.

Engraved Wine Bottle

Coffee Machine– The newlywed couple would appreciate a thoughtful gift like a coffee machine. It will help them start their mornings on a fresh note and keep them energetic throughout the day as a ninja.

Coffee Maker

Selfie Toaster – Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. To ensure that the newly married couple starts their mornings on a healthy note, a toaster would come handy. A selfie toaster would make an excellent wedding gift for a selfie-obsessed couple and brighten up their mornings with a selfie on their toast.

Selfie Toaster

Tickets to an Exotic Destination– For couples who love to travel! Gifting free flight and hotel tickets of an exotic destination as a wedding gift to a newly married couple is a great idea. It will allow them to travel and explore a new place and spend quality time together before they get back to routine.

Tickets to an Exotic Destination

Personalised Suitcase Set – Something that your favorite newly married couple can use for years. Whether they are going on an international trip for the honeymoon or just going for a business trip, the personalised suitcase would be the go-to luggage carriers that they can carry everywhere in style.

Personalised Suitcase Set

Luxurious Bedding Set – Gift newlywed couple comfort and style for the new life with the luxurious bedding set. You can choose delicate floral prints to add freshness to the room and make it peaceful for the couple. It will make an ideal wedding gift for the couple to remember you by.

Luxurious Bedding Set

Spa Day for Couples– Weddings can be both enjoyable as well as exhausting for couples. The pressure of looking their best and staying up late night can make them really tired. A day at a spa after the wedding can actually help them relax and rejuvenate their senses.

Spa Day for Couples

Acrylic Block Picture Frames– Give the newlywed couple the gift of memories with acrylic block picture frames. Available in different sizes, they make your photographs look much cooler and clearer. Be it the colorful wedding pics or black and white old family pics, all the photographs will look amazing in these lovely frames.

Acrylic Block Picture Frames

We hope these amazing ideas make wedding gift selection easier for you!


It’s your best friend’s birthday and you need to zero down on a gift that would be pleasing for the couple. Now, you can go for the taste according to your friend but there is a possibility his wife or her husband not like your gifting idea. It’s always safe to search for best utility gifts as the couple mostly moves in to a new house or make some changes in the existing house with new living so could use the gift while cherishing your best wishes. With online gifts shop in India it won’t be much of a trouble go for these gifts and it would just take a few minutes with the best selection. For a special addition to their casa, the gifts that you choose should be away from the regular lot. We, at BookMyFlowers have got a good knack on the gifting trends for wedding so, we have something new to offer in your existing gifting idea. Take a look and you can find something which your friend will be glad to add in their dwelling.

1. The wine grove: A sorted range of cheese knives is something for a good add in the kitchen for the get together and good time on weekends for the couple. A wine and cheese talk would give them a quality time together. These knives would help in proper making the serves easier and give them some pizza and lasagna when the wife wants to cook some Italian.

2. Bar accessories: Every home is keeping a small bar set up for entertaining the guests or some weekend good time. The bar accessories for him will make the cocktails and drinks as easy as possible. Corkscrew, bottle opener, napkins and cocktail rimming sugar makes up for a complete package to get in use for a good cocktail night. Something to gift young married couple for some fun and crazy time together.

3. Tea set: Cups, kettle, plates and sugar holder is going to make the evening chats and morning serves easy for office going couples. Classy white set of essentials will add to the taste and pleasure for a splendid evening. Good time over tea is what couples look for as a prominent option when they get a chance to spend time together for some heart to heart conversation. So this gift could be a part of that cute date.

4. Night Lamp: Must for the living room it help to set up a good ambiance and a quality home decor. Lamp is a thing you can experiment with by changing the placement and keeping it wherever you like. Lights enhance he beauty of living so, these lamps makes up for a nice gift wrap.

5. Spa Gift Basket: The most perfect gift you could gift the married birds is quality time together. And spa gets along relaxation the best of the combination. The more time they spend together they would be understanding better. So give them the refreshing time together with spa essentials.

All these gifts give a good time to spend with each other and that’s what a beautiful wedding gift should be all about. Go with these best gifts under 5000 rupees which gives them the best of the time together while taking care of your pocket. Even if you are not able to make it to your friend’s wedding, send congratulation gifts online for gifting them the comfort of being with each other.