While you plan out a special day for your mom on mother’s day as she has showered her love for you each day we would tell you what special do moms do to earn the gifts of love from you. Right from the very first idea of giving birth your mom starts keeping an eye on her own moves. The way she molds herself to be a mom is incredible that takes her from being carefree to being responsible. No doubt the amount of time she gives to the child is more than father and here’s how we have agreed on this for most of the cases:

1- Moms spend more time in cleaning up and other household chores with kids under 18 years of age as compared to dad. 2- Moms hardly get any leisure time and even if they do they mostly spend it by sitting beside the kids or playing with them. 3- Mostly, moms take leave from work to take care of the kids and claims that they are doing a good job as parent. 4- Moms spend more amount of time with their kids as compared to dads and agrees on difficulty in work-life balance after being a mom.

These factors are enough to say that moms are more likely to be their kid’s favorite when it comes to gift giving. Kids tend to spend more while gifting their moms as compared to dad in almost every other case. We look for interesting gifts for mom like spa treat, fine dining experience, saree or gadgets and even when we are away we buy mother’s day gifts online to get it delivered to her. As a way to appreciate what all she has done gifts reach with healthy wishes to honor moms. Gifts for father’s day includes gadgets, ties and cards that are common while thinking about items to gift wrap for dads.

Sure there is love in both the cases, but mother’s love is more towards the emotional side whereas father’s love is more towards the respect and looking up to factor. He has always taught you to be tough and handle all the troubles on your own which is nowhere wrong. But, somewhere the bonding goes missing. Fathers come at a very later stage and are mostly related to the understanding we hold for them. They also spend without expecting any return but what moms do goes deeps and fits rightly in the heart from the very beginning. While the dads are busy building a safe future moms nurture the baby, so, we cannot actually say that who deserves a gift better as they have their separate effective roles to play. Only that dads are included when our senses starts understanding and observing things.

It also depends on how you have known both of your parents in terms of liking and disliking. My dad for instance, is very particular about what he would like as a gift so, I keep shuffling between the items I can get. My mom on the other hand, is open to new things and colors mostly, show I can experiment there.

At the end, I would say you cannot actually say who has earned your gift, as both the parent have their own roles to play which are both inevitable and eventually, someone exceeds somewhere. After all, it’s your dad who pays for all your gala time and guides you to deal with life. So, getting a gift for both of them each year is the least you could do.


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