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Spreading Joy To The ‘City Of Joy’ by Sending Cakes to Kolkata

Kolkata is a city with a soul. It’s not as sleek as other major cities, people are a little laid back here, but if you are looking for some peace and relaxation and life in its truest form, then Kolkata is the place to be. For all your loved ones staying in Kolkata you know how important it is for you to send cakes to Kolkata because people there look forward to such simple pleasures in life. Not just Kolkata, you can make online cake delivery in Chennai and all other major cities as well. For a species of people who loves cakes and desserts so much, you will find plenty of options to send cakes in Kolkata online. With so many bakeries being fully functional in the city you will never have lack of options to choose from if you want to send cakes to the city.

Because Cakes and Flowers Make the Most Powerful Combo

Online cake delivery in Kolkata is just a matter of few seconds now, given that the online gifting industry has immensely grown in the last couple of years, making life easier for you and your loved ones staying far away, and that is why you can now also make same day cake delivery in Kolkata, because the good things shouldn’t wait for long. But not just cakes, flowers to have their own charm in making a person's day. That is why you can now make online flower delivery in Kolkata very easily, with just a few clicks sitting at the comfort of your home. There are few things that never change and the charm of age old tradition of gifting flowers is one of them. The charm that flowers hold is unmatched and unchallenged till date. There is nothing more visually pleasing than a bunch of flowers.

Bookmyflowers - Delivering Happiness to Your Loved Ones Staying Far

Even though you will find plenty of cake shops in Kolkata, you don't really know for sure which shop will cater to your needs. That is where the role of comes into play. Here you can find plenty of cakes, and find a preview top of each cake so that it becomes easier for you choose one. At we don't just bake cakes; we build a cake because baking the cake to perfection is a matter of art. Not just cakes, you can also send gifts to Kolkata very easily now, given that our website has a huge range of assorted and handpicked gifts to send to your loved ones. The best part is that we take extra care in delivering your gifts to the doorstep of the ones you love.

Online Cake Delivery in Kolkata

The rains of Kolkata can ruin the best of the occasion. If you find yourself stuck in such a situation you can order Kolkata Special Cakes online from Bookmyflowers. Make them believe that nothing can stop you from celebrating the occasion the way you want. Get a personalized message attached to it which can bring in the warmth and the reason to make you understand that it is cherished and treasured to the deepest core.

You can order cake online in Kolkata for both Egg and Eggless cakes as per your choice in flavors which are so huge that it becomes confusing for you to pick one of them. We have your personal favorites like Vanilla, Chocolate and Butterscotch or else you can also order from our special Designer cakes and Photo Cakes.

Our cakes are made by skilled and experienced bakers from the finest ingredients and they retain their charms and freshness for long. The cakes are renowned not only for their delicious tastes but also for their captivating and gorgeous looks. Order an online cake delivery in Kolkata through us and experience a whole new world of sumptuous and tempting cakes along with world class services. When you arrange a cake delivery online in Kolkata through us, you have chosen for the best services available out there. Our delivery services are renowned in the gifts delivery industry and we guarantee your cakes will be delivered on-time and in the most pristine of conditions.

Online Cake Order in Kolkata

With the considerable vegetarian population in the country, we also provide eggless cakes for online cake delivery in Kolkata. Check out the eggless versions of your favorite cakes at our online store. They are not only similar in their looks but taste as fabulous as the originals. You can book online cake order in Kolkata city from our web portal.

Besides our range of fabulous and exclusive cakes we also provide specialty cakes for celebrations and occasions such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. So on the occasions of a loved one or family, have a surprise birthday cake delivery in Kolkata done right at midnight with our custom delivery services which include same day delivery, next-day delivery and midnight delivery among others. You can also order anniversary cakes online in Kolkata and have them personalized with a photo of the loving couple. At you can also complement your online cake delivery in Kolkata with fresh flowers. We provide flowers for all occasions and they come in beautiful bouquets arranged by expert florists and gifts professionals. A floral bouquet will be a perfect accompaniment for your cake delivery in Kolkata.