• Blue Rose for Valentines Day
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Blue Rose for Valentines Day

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Product Details:

  • One Forever Rose
  • Color- Blue
  • Kept on a bed of Yellow Moss
  • Orange Square FNP Box- 4 x 4 x 4 inches

Why Gift Forever Roses?

  • This beautiful rose is a classic example of 'Timeless & Eternal Love'. Just like your love and memories, this rose is Forever too!
  • A Forever Rose signifies your unending love for your special someone. It is like a piece of your heart, which is with them for eternity.The special appeal of these roses will delight your lover with their mystic and elegance.

Know More About Forever Rose:

  • These are Ecuadorian roses which are highest quality roses because of their proximity to the Equator.
  • These Roses are cut at their most peak & perfect state.
  • These roses are dehydrated and then injected with a wax based non-toxic solution that stunts the growth but keeps the texture soft & retains the shape.
  • This is a 100% natural well preserved rose and will last for upto 2 years.
  • Just keep it as it is and enjoy its beauty and charm for years.
  • This is an imported product which is not available in India.

Blue Roses Trivia:

  • It took 14 years of collaborative research for by two companies ‘Florigene’, and ‘Suntory’ to create the world’s first blue rose.
  • Blue Roses have multiple meanings such as it stands for love, prosperity, or immortality as per ancient literature. In many cultures it symbolises royalty, royal blood, and therefore, the blue rose also represent regal majesty and glory.

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