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Have You Ever Thought of Sending Plants as Gifts to Your Loved Ones?

Expressing your heartfelt thanks to someone with a special gift or to demonstrate your appreciation for someone is a tradition that has stood the test of time. People usually choose bouquets or objects as gifts; however, gifting potted green plants is also a unique and novel idea. Whether you are gifting it to an experienced gardener or someone with little idea about plants, there are as many options as there are potted plant gifts to select from at BookMyFlowers, and you may end up wanting to buy more than just one plant. From decorative elegant orchids to bonsai plants and flowering plants, the options are countless. Giving potted live plants as gifts is seeing a growth in popularity off late. The most favoured reason of its popularity is that potted plants are more affordable than cut flowers and they last for a longer span of time; if one can care for them properly, these green gifts can even last for years together.

Bonsai, Adenium Desert Rose, Bamboo or Money Plant? Loads of Options to choose from

Although gifting potted house plants is an innovative gifting idea, you must keep in mind that not all potted plants are suitable for gifting. When you plan for household plant gifts you can look to give flowering plants as gifts. It is good to select plants that are easy to look after. Unless you are sure about the fact that you are gifting it to an expert gardener, it is advisable to refrain from choosing one that demands very high maintenance. Also, not all potted exotic plant gifts can be expected to bloom time and again. After all, you are planning to gift a decoration and not a responsibility! BookMyFlowers offers a plethora of varieties of plants that you can gift. Starting from bonsai plants and money plants to herbal plants and good luck plants, we have them all!

Pick the most appropriate plants for your office or home

There are some highly popular plants which are known for their hassle free care. African violets in this case are an excellent choice of decorative plants and they will keep blossoming round the year. Then, Clivia is the ideal houseplant that blooms around winter and can last for several years with minimal care. Small herbs and bonsai plants are the whole package: easy to care for, fragrant, and useful. You can also gift flowering plants for home decor purposes which can be saved for years. You may also want to gift indoor plants online to someone for decorating their office cabin. For this purpose we have plants for office too. You can pick a bonsai plant or a good luck plant as a gift to decorate office.

BookMyFlowers offers timely global delivery and free shipping in India

BookMyFlowers has a huge delivery network across the world. This global delivery network ensures that you can convey your feelings to those concerned, even if they are living abroad. We deliver potted plants to various countries including, Australia, United States, Canada and the United Kingdom among others. Online plants shopping is now easier than ever with us. You just have to order your gift through our online shopping portal and leave the rest to us! We will take care to guarantee the best quality of delivery experiences to our clients all over the world. Customize your green gift with a personalised message to make it extra special for the person. Send gifts to anyone anywhere in India at absolutely zero shipping costs!

Please have a look at these metro cities where we deliver our huge collection of plants. Place an order for indoor and outdoor plants and present a greener and better environment to your loved ones scattered in these cities.